Thrifty Tip Thursday - Laundry

Because it is so humid here, if I forget a load of laudry that has already run through the washer for more than a day, it gets that nasty sour smell to it.

I have tried several different methods to try to get rid of the smell. I tried Baking Powder (after reading it worked from somewhere online). It did not work.

My favorite is white vinegar. It does the best in my opinion. And it is cheap. Very important factor! LOL

My second favorite if I run out of vinegar is rubbing alcohol. Also a cheap alternative.

My third solution is Listerine. Well, okay not the REAL Listerine, that is too expensive but, the generic brand works well.

I generally add about a 1/2 a cup to the load and run the washer again. I don't add more detergent. Once in awhile I will have to do this twice but, that is a rare occurance.

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  1. Great tip! I just picked up a book that uses lemons, baking soda, vinegar and salt for just about anything! Gotta love a tip that's green.

  2. GReat idea. My sil used to have this problem all the time when she lived in Hawaii years ago. It rarely happens to me here, oops I did a load last night and its still there gotta go!


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