A Thrifty Picture/Wall Hanging Redo

This little project was a super easy transformation. I found the black sconce at The Family Dollar store back in the summer clearanced for $1.29. And then I looked through some pictures/frames I bought at various thrift stores (I rarely buy a picture because of the actual picture. I'm always keeping my eye out for frames) and found a square picture that I thought would work. Here is the picture I decided to use because of the frame:

I grabbed the can of black spray paint, pried the picture out of the frame along with the glass and changed the frame to a nice solid black one.

Next came the picture. I knew I wanted to use the solid cardboard on the back instead of covering the picture itself. First off, since I decided to use burlap and it is a loose weave, I didn't want any of the original picture to show through. Plus the painting had a couple of layers of matting and I just wanted a smooth surface.

Got my supplies ready.

I laid the picture on the burlap and cut about 2" extra allowance around the actual picture.

I started hot glueing the burlap to the picture. I just kind of wrapped it like a present. Paying extra attention to the corners to make sure they were fully glued.

You don't really need to use a tape around the edges but, I did because I know how easily burlap can fray. I just thought it would help.

Now, you just slide the picture back into the frame.

Next just hang the picture frame where you want it and then center and nail a nail into it to hold the sconce.

Although my pictures aren't very good, I really like how this turned out. I think it gives substance and depth to a simple wall candle holder.

Once it was on the wall, I noticed when the light hit it I could see the little silver nail head holding the sconce. So, I just grabbed a black magic marker and took care of that! LOL

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  1. Wow-that was totally unexpected! You are very creative!

  2. Ooooo! Love it. Burlap and black paint make the world a better place :o)

  3. That looks so good, it really makes the sconce pop.


  4. Wow! Would have never known that's how it started out if I wouldn't have seen it! Great job.

    pk @ Room Remix

  5. I love this Diann!! I was thinking of something similar with a resin fleur-de-lis but haven't gotten to it yet!! I love thrifty ideas, will keep checking back.

  6. What a surprise ending - nicely done and so pretty! Did you make the candle embellishment as well? You might add a 'to burn' or 'not to burn' advice at the end of your re-do, to be on the safe side, as many people nowadays are not candle-savvy. Using candles and wall sconces are not as common a practice like it was in days gone by. Super craft idea - thank you so much!

  7. Our designer friend is a big believer in Sharpie magic. He can see a nail or a scratch from a mile away and says, "get the Sharpie."

  8. What a GREAT idea! I Love it. I love everything burlap! I have a couple of sconces I am going to try this with.
    The Tattered Cottage

  9. Great project! I like the layering effect!

  10. Bueno es raro para mi, ya que adoro las imágenes victorianas pero igual felicito tu creatividad, Chany.-

  11. Very cool, had me going there for a minute - thinking you were saving the print, LOL !
    Looks great !


  12. I love how it turned out! Great idea!

  13. Great idea! I'll have to remember that one!

  14. @cheapchichome. Nice idea to give the sconces more visual interest.

  15. What a great idea for "beefing up" a smaller element! This would look great with plates or other items too! Thanks for linking up!


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