Thanksgiving...Expensive or Thrifty?

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For us it is going to be quite thrifty. That does not mean it isn't going to be a good size feast with lots of yummies!

It will be just be Troy, the little princess and me but, we are still doing a full traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We just hope to trim back the amounts of each of the dishes (that is so much easier said than done!).

Our table will be set. Most of the pretty dishware, decorations and glasses will be from thrift shopping. So, I don't have this beautiful grand tablescape with lovely matching dishes. They will be pretty all the same.

We have all the ingredients ready to be prepare. A lot has been purchased by doing mystery shops at grocery stores (we have to purchase a certain amount and then get reimbursed for it). The rest has been bought with matching sales and coupons.

Our holiday will be happy, beautiful and blessed!

So, how are you set for Thanksgiving?

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  1. I'm all for thrifty and still enjoying the wonderful blessings of Thanksgiving which we have so much to be thankful for! :D

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  3. Thrift and Fabulous! Saving by thrifting decorations and coupons and sales for the dinner. I too have much to be thankful for.


  4. Sounds like lovely dinner plans. I've never done Thanksgiving with a small group. With our rowdy crowd, small sounds quite peaceful.

  5. sounds like a great meal to me.

  6. Good for you for having a grateful heart!



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