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I everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Today is the day that the fantabulous Ms. Chari at Happy to Design invites us to revisit a past post for Sunday Favorites. Thank you Chari! Everyone go and visit Chari and the others who link up for this little Sunday get together!

This week I am revisiting a post from June. I thought with the upcoming holidays and all the baking and cooking we do, this little thrifty tip would come in handy. I hope you enjoy it!

"Make Your Own To-Go Trays"

Need to take a dozen or so cookies to a church function? How about cupcakes to a birthday party? Christmas Cookies? There are many times you end up taking homemade goodies somewhere. And having to deal with trying to remember to get your tray or container back is a hassle. Half of my trays and pans are at different family or friends house's. Not to mention, it is also a pain for the person that you took the goodies to. They have to worry about washing the items and then finding the time to drop it off.

So, I started making "throw-away" to go containers. My favorite ones are from cereal boxes.

Tape the open end of the empty box closed. Take an exacto knife and cut the center of the box out. Use what ever you have on hand to cover the box. This picture has one box covered in construction paper and the other is left over wrapping paper. You can 'dress them up" if they are for a special occasion. I usually raid my scrapbook papers and accessories. You could use newspaper or even plain brown paper bag. Just wrap the box and tape down. Line it in aluminum foil, tissue paper, plastic wrap or use the plastic bag that was inside the cereal bag and cut it open use as a liner.

Simple, easy, inexpensive and your recycling.

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  1. Great idea! Those are so pretty! I'll definitely be trying out this idea. I already use cereal boxes to wrap Christmas presents in :-)

    Thanks for visiting and have a great Sunday as well!

  2. How clever -- I reuse oatmeal boxes for Christmas cookies but never thought about cereal boxes and I don't do paper so I'm always looking for something to put cookies in -- great idea!

  3. What a great idea! Would have never thought of it-TFS!

  4. Clever! This is just great cause there really are boxes that are just to colorful that you can't just throw away in the trash. And so this is a nice project :-)


    The dish on your pink post, you're right and I'm glad you found them cause it made you think of your grandparents. It may not be fancy but I think that's a good thing. That way you'd get to use them very often and I'm sure it brings smiles whenever you see them :-)

  5. I like this idea!
    You can also decorate a recycled jar for taking something like spaghetti sauce, chili, or chicken soup.
    Getting the right pans and such back to the correct person is just a huge chore,especially if the food was given because of illness or a death in the family.

  6. Hi Diann...

    Girlfriend...this is a fabulous post! Thank you so much for sharing it with us for Sunday Favorites this week!!! I love this idea...and have never thought to use a cereal box for such an occasion! You're right makes a beautiful container and you or the hostess doesn't have to worry about getting your tray or dish back!!! I'm going to share this great tip with my three daughters who are always having to take goodies to school for their kids and for church functions!!!

    Thanks so much...fabulous idea!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...thanks so much for your sweet note that you left on my cloche made me smile!


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