Show and Tell Friday

Today is Show and Tell over at Cindy's blog, "My Romantic Home"

Here are just a few odds and ends that I picked up this week while doing a little adventuring around the local towns near our campground.

I got this set of white & silver footed coffee cups for $2.00 for the 4 of them. They have a pretty white on white lacy design on the top part of the cups. I just thought they were so pretty and would go with a lot of different place settings. I purchased them at this little used furniture/home decor store. I was looking for a particular antique store and bypassed this little store tucked off the road. I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye as I drove past. I had to do a u-turn and head back. I was glad I did. I picked up this set and the set of 6 little Apertif glasses (last picture on this post). Also, I picked up the "Pinks" I will be posting tomorrow on "Pink Saturday".

The next 3 pictures are from the little thrift store I posted about earlier this summer. They did not have a lot of good bargains since the last time I was here. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that for the most part they had jacked their prices up at least by 50% in the past month. It seems a lot of thrift stores are doing that lately. Anyway....I got this little Christmas plaid table square for $1.00. I have been keeping my eyes open for various Christmas dishes and linens.

Here is 2 winter white oval cloth placemats. I paid .25 cents for the 2 of them. I figure I can never have too many of this color placemats. We use placemats and so they do get some major wear and tear happening after awhile.

This little ceramic white urn came with some rather nasty looking fake flowers and a square floral foam. The floral foam is in perfect shape with the exception of were the not so desirable clump of flowers are stuck in. I got it for .75 cents.

And this is the set of little glass Apertif glasses. I got the set of six for $2.50. They have a really cool design on them. You might be able to see the pattern if you click on the pic to enlarge it.

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  1. Nice treasures... I too noticed that thrift stores are raising prices a little too... Holiday season, economy or just getting really proud of their stuff?
    Have a wonderful week end!
    ~Really Rainey~

  2. Wow....I love all your new finds.

    My show n tell this week is glass, glass antiques. A couple of them. Come by if you can. Have a glorious weekend. Click Here

  3. You got some great deals. The glasses are real pretty. I did that recently. Spotted a new thrift store while driving down the street. I hit the brakes and made a sharp left. Good thing no one was behind me.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. You got some great finds - thanks for sharing.

  5. Great finds at great prices! Jean

  6. You got some good finds and great deals!

  7. Nice finds! Especially fond of the little glass Aperitif glasses!

  8. Ohh I do love a bargain! And you found some really wonderful things.


  9. I love your set of six Apertif glasses! You sure found a good deal. I have to agree with you about thrift stores hiking up the prices. I can't seem to find very much that is at a resonable price anymore...

  10. Nice finds!! For some reason the glasses make me think of the art deco style!! I like them.

  11. Hi Diann...

    Ohhh my friend, you have some nice treasure finds there! I love the beautiful white footed cups...and for just $2...a great bargain! Love the little Apertif glasses too! Great finds, my friend! Thanks for sharing them with us for Show & Tell Friday!

    Warmest wishes,

  12. OH!!! Our GW never has good stuff! You seem to luck out. I have to go to local consignment shops and hope for hidden treasures. I do find them but you get GREAT ones! Well Done!
    Hugs, Lisa


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