Hi everyone! Today is Rednesday over at Sue's blog It's a Very Cherry World! Whenever you get a chance, stop by and say hi to Sue and all the others linking up today!

I have been keeping my eye out for little Christmas treasures and have picked up a couple. Nothing major but, just a couple of cute thrift finds.

I picked up this plate at a thrift store about 3 weeks ago. It's just a cute Santa Salad plate (or more likely a cookie plate) for .50 cents.

At the same store I bought the above plate, I got this little Christmas embroidered doily. I got it for .50 cents as well.

And I picked up this pretty little glass candleholder. You can't really see the holder but, it is pretty. LOL It had this candle and Christmas floral around it. It was $1.00

Well, those are my Reds for today. A grand total of $2.00 worth of reds! LOL

I hope you have a great Rednesday!!

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  1. I just love your Christmas doily, it looks like the thing that my Mother in Law uses in a basket with rolls. She calls it a bun warmer. Whatever, It really is very pretty.

  2. Wow, Diann! You did very well with your finds! Love them all. Happy REDnesday.


  3. Awesome Christmas bargins!! You did well!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Hi Diann! Terry's right - you put the linen in a bun basket and fold the flaps over the buns to "keep them warm".

    That plate has an eye-pleasing design, especially the check border!

  5. Well that's something I don't have: embroidered Christmas doilies! I really don't think I've ever seen any. Now it's something I want to find! And that plate is really pretty too. I can even picture it hanging on a wall. Great Christmas finds!
    Happy Rednesday!

  6. What a great find for 50 cents!! Love the embroidery on that doily/bun warmer too - it does look as if it was made to wrap something in. Happy rednesday!

  7. A lot of pretty red findings, for almost no money! Happy Rednesday!
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  8. I was curious about the shape of the doily but I bet Terry is right. If you put it upside down in the basket then flip the corners up to cover the buns the decorations will show. So cute.

  9. How can you not be thrilled when you can bring home great stuff for 50 cents. How fun!

  10. Great red Christmas finds. I love thrift shopping, it's more like a treasure hunt,


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