Prest-o Chang-o Cake Stand!

We have all discovered pretty and fun alternatives to making our own cake stands. I love the variety that we can come up with by just using the different items we have on hand. But sometimes it's fun to "sparkle it up". So, I played around and came up with some quick, easy and inexpensive ideas.

Here is all you need:

~Your "lift stand"...I am using a white vase (.50 cents at the thrift store)
~your plate...I got this square one at the Dollar Store.
sticky back Velcro
~some "bling"...I am using Dollar store white Christmas garland beads. I am also make with different beads and crystals to change the look when I want.
~Hot Glue Gun
~Sequins (or whatever flat little surface)

Since I am using the package of sticky back velcro that I have which is squarea and dots, I decided how many dangles I wanted and cut the squares into four small pieces (both sides) to the right amount.

Cut the dangles that you want and and hot glue a sequin to the end of each individual dangle. This gives you a flat surface to attach a piece of velcro to.

Decide where you want to hang them from on the backside of your plate. The fist time I did this, I placed it velcro to close to the edge and you could see it. So, make sure you place further towards the center of the plate. Peel off the back and stick your little squares on the plate and then attach the other side of the velcro squares to each of the sequins that are attached to your dangles.Then add them to the plate.

By using the velcro, your options are unlimited! You could use beads/crystals to match your table or just create a fun look. Add ribbons or Christmas ornaments. The point is, you don't have to have a ton of different cake plates for a bunch of different looks. Who has that kind of room! And you don't have to spend a lot of money. Use the items you have!

I used it for our Thanksgiving Dinner. You can see other pictures HERE!

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  1. The square plate and dangles really make this a custom piece. Nice job.

  2. Love it, the square plate makes it unique.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, very unique look! You're so clever!

  4. What a great idea. You are so creative.


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  7. I love this! I keep seeing everyone making their own clear glass cake pedestals, but never with milk glass. I collect it and adore the idea!



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