Holiday clearance & A Mini Rant!

I have mentioned a couple of times over the past few weeks that I set aside a little "after the holidays" cash. Not a lot of money but, I did put a little away. Well, last night I stopped by Michael's to see what Halloween items were left and how cheap they were going for. I was surprised to see that they also had Autumn stuff all clearanced! Both Halloween and Autumn were clearanced to 80% off! That really surprised me. I picked up a few items to put back for next year. Actually, I got quite a few things and spent a grand total of $11.00!

After leaving Michael's I ran to Walmart to pick up a couple of needed household items and checked out their clearance stuff. Of course, Autumn decor was only marked down by about 25% so, I didn't buy any of that. However, Halloween was clearanced to 90% off. Not a lot of decor items were left but, I did pick up window and wall clings for .20 cents each! I got 10 sets and paid $2.00 which is the original price of one set. Of course, I would have bought them normally at the $1.00 store. I'm not paying double the price at Walmart for window clings!. But, at .20 cents each, okay, I can do that! LOL

Now for a mini rant! Just thought it would be nice to warn y'all! LOL

Most of the craft/hobby stores already have their Christmas items on sale for between 40-50% off. Now, this is not a good sale to me! As a matter of fact, this is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine! When the craft stores started getting into the lucrative business of selling Holiday Home Decor items, they found that they could double the price of the items, mark that price on the item and then immediately start selling them at a large "On sale" discount price. This made the consumer feel like they are getting a great deal. Wrong!

When this became a popular marketing strategy, I was working in one of these craft stores at the time. We, the staff, were so excited about knowing that these items were going to go on sale as soon as they hit the floor. We couldn't wait to see the new holiday merchandise and get the first chance at getting some bargains! Well, weren't we shocked when the merchandise came in and the pricing on the packaging was way higher than we had ever seen before! We, as store employees, knew we weren't going to be able to afford this stuff until it went to 75% off or better. And we continued to see this trend with every holiday thereafter.

When these items go "on sale" for 50% off, that is actually the price the companies plan on selling the bulk of the merchandise. I am offended at these companies for thinking I, as a consumer, don't have the active brain cells needed to realize this.

Umm, let's home decor holiday items hit the store aisles year after year and they are immediately on sale for a percentage off. Let's do the math.

This is the same marketing ploy that is used when you sell items that end in .97, .98, .99 instead of the whole dollar. What? Does anyone out there actually think to themselves, "Hey, that dresser isn't even $300.00! It's only $299.97!!"

When I buy an holiday item at the 50% off "sale", I have decided that I am willing to pay the "real" full price for the item because I really want or need it. I don't for a minute think I am getting a bargain.

If you have ever worked retail in one of these type stores (other stores do this as well but, it is most obvious in the these) especially if you have been at the management level, which I have, you know how this whole pricing and sale pricing works. You see it everyday. But, perhaps if you have never worked in this area, you may not be aware of this.

Anyway, this was a long over do mini rant I needed to get off my chest. I suppose when Troy has been telling me to do a blog post on this subject for months, I guess he is tired of hearing me rant about it and wants to share this "pleasure" with others! LOL

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  1. Good read today. I went to a Kohl's and they had big markdowns on Christmas items; I thought it was odd...and the 15% off coupon I had was good on all sale items...usually that is not the case! I thought the sale prices were rather high, and would not have bought anything unless I had the coupon, which gave me a good deal on a couple items. So now, we know the reasoning. Us consumers are 'dummies', or so they believe. Thanks for the tip off!

  2. Diann, Thanks for the rant! I too think how dumb do they think we are?? I can tell the price is too high and like you even at 50% off it's usually more then I want to spend. I will say they get to a deeper sale price (80-90%) faster then WalMart. Good Post!

    Linda @ A La Carte


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