A few Treasures Found

After spending so much time in "Antique Malls" and "Antique Stores" I have discovered several things. Here are just a couple:

* If you visit the same Antique Mall on a regular basis, you start to discover which vendors are really out there to sell their items. So, they become your "regular"target area to go to.

* The term "Antique" seems to be used as an all encompassing term. The item may actually be antique or it could be "Retro", "Vintage" or just bought yesterday.

Case in point for the last item I listed are these cute tin stars:

I bought these two stars at a small Antique Store in another town. The store was very pretty. Had lots of cute little vignettes but, I would have to guess that about 30% of the merchandise was antique (if that). This completely confuses me but, I am getting used to seeing that now.

Now on the far opposite side of thrifting, this little dish was a freebie. When we were at our trailer a couple of weeks ago and I was out and about I noticed a sign leading into a storage unit rental place that said "Junk Sale". Cool! I love other peoples "junk"! LOL so, I pulled in and a woman had 2 storage units opened with lots of "stuff" sitting around. There was no one else there. So, I parked and got out and headed over to the woman to see what was going on. Apparently she is a "professional Flea marketer". So, she had several storage units filled with stuff. She said she just goes to all kinds of junk sales (her words) and then when she hauls the stuff back, it all goes into her storage units and then at a later date she goes through it all to see what she wants to sell.

Apparently she has decide not to do the flea market circuit any more and just rent a section of a local thrift store to sell her wares. So, this was her major clean out of her units. She said that she needs to get these units cleared out by the weekend (it was Tuesday when I stopped there). She had gone through these two already and picked out the stuff she wanted for her area at the thrift store and all this stuff that was leftover needed to be hauled away so, that was why she put up the sign. The more other people hauled out for her, the less she has to do herself. I like this concept! LOL

There of course was no pricing on anything so I asked her how I will know what costs what. She said either make her an offer or grab a box and fill it as much as I can and she would charge $5.00 a boxful. Okay! I can do that!! LOL

So, as I was carefully picking through all the boxes and shelves of stuff, the woman was working on her own gathering of stuff. Every now and then she would yell out to me, "Hey! Could you use this or that?". I would come out of the storage unit, walk over to the one she was working in and say something like, "Ummm...maybe" (thinking to myself that I wanted to first get the stuff I handpicked and see how much room I had left in my box). But the woman would say, "Okay, I'm just going to throw it in the back of your truck and not charge you". Well, okay!

At some point she just tells me, "How about we make this easy. You can fill your truck with as much stuff as you can and pay me $10.00?" Holy moly! LOL. I just kinda stammered, "Okay". Well, if I had been at home, this would have been really cool because I would have just loaded my truck to max capacity and then took my time going through things and deciding what I wanted, what I could donate and what would just get thrown away. However, this was not that time! We were up there to winterize our trailer and clear it out of all the things we wanted or needed to take home (bedding, extra clothes, food etc). So, I told her I can really fill it totally up.

So, I continued filling a few boxes and the woman continued loading the back of my truck with stuff. I finally told her that I just can't take any more. She said, "But, I have this and that and you can just take them". I explained the whole reason we were up there. And she was kind of bummed. LOL So, I did get a ton of basically free stuff. I haven't had a chance to go through all of it yet and take some pictures to show you. I will do that over the next little while. But, let's just say our truck was loaded to the max when we came home from that trip. And that included the inside of the cab! LOL I have enough "re-do" projects to last me throughout the winter! Not to mention I know I will have a lot of stuff to donate!

Okay, now that y'all have had to read a novel in order to see this little divided plate, I guess I will show the picture. LOL

When I pulled this plate out of a box in the truck, I didn't remember seeing it. Which I am now discovering is the same for about half the stuff that I ended up bringing home. LOL. I had no idea what this plate was or what it was used for. Obviously something was missing due to the two holes on either side of the dish.

Well, yesterday when I was at the antique mall, I saw this little dish (Yup, same exact one). The holes are where a woven handle was supposed to be. I wish I would have taken a picture of the one I saw yesterday. So, it is a little condiment dish (That's is what the one at the mall called it any way).

This little wooden framed picture was bought at a thrift store for .50 cents. I have been seeing a lot of fun craft projects using little frames lately out there in the blogosphere, so I have been keeping my eyes peeled for these little things.

That's it for today. Not much in way of showing actually treasures. And hey, congratulations if you made it all the way through this post just to look at 3 little pictures! LOL you should go and take a rest now!

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  1. I read the whole post and enjoyed your story. You lucky thing. I would have been piling stuff on the roof, tied to sides, anywhere I could have put it. You're going to have a busy but fun winter. Read my Sunday post about my Antique store find. You are right about most of the stuff just being a little old. I recognize stuff I had when I was first married.

  2. Diann I read every word and enjoyed it all! You have all sorts of treasures and it will be a treat to go through them and find them again! Lucky you! Keep sharing please, I love your posts!

  3. I read every word too and kept thinking I would have loved to have seen all the stuff that woman had! What fun you'll have discovering what you brought home.

  4. What a great story! I can't imagine how much fun that was -- especially since you weren't even sure just exactly what was in the truck till you unloaded it. An adventure!
    And I love that sweet plate -- very nice!

  5. LOL I think I would have passed out with excitement at the whole idea of a truck bed full of stuff - what a great adventure. I tell DH all the time I love treasure hunts - when you get a box of stuff given to you and you don't know what's inside until you start going through it.

  6. I loved your story..it's always so much fun to come by and read along on your thrifty finds. The little divided dish is really pretty..there's no telling what all the lady loaded into your truck. What great fun it will be to sift through the treasures.


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