Being Prepared

I have written a lot of posts regarding being prepared at home. Keeping a well stocked pantry/food storage is a important part of my everyday life. But, I kind of have 2 homes. We have a travel trailer that we have spent a huge bulk of our time in this past summer. I have kept it well stocked as well.

Well, we went to out trailer this week to wintertize it and clear out all the food and what nots that we didn't want to leave in it over the winter. When we got up here (yes, I am at the trailer now). We discovered that the campground had already turned the water off. It has been dropping down past freezing each night.

Fortunately we had 6 gallons of unopened jugs of water that we had stored under our bed and 2 cases of bottled water as well. Troy, however, went and filled up our 8 gallon water jug to put into the trailer's water tank (for flushing the toilet).

But, what I wasn't completely prepared for was the fact that we really had to conserve water so that meant washing dishes needed to be at a minimum. I rarely buy paper plates or cups for our trailer. I just wash the dishes. We did have a lot of plasticware (mostly from fast food places that included extra plasticware). So, I had to make a quick trip into town and buy some paper plates and cups. And the worst part for me was that I had to pay FULL price! Arghhhhh!!

I know y'all are thinking, "Umm, hello Diann...camping means paper plates". At the beginning of the season I had some in the trailer but, after our family reunion in August, I used them all up. But, when it is just the three of us camping, I use regular plates and cups. And so I hadn't replaced them.

Another thing we discovered when we got to our trailer was that our propane tanks were empty. Once again, we were prepared for that and had a smaller propane tank (used outside for cooking) that was still half full. Which was very important since we arrived at the trailer after all the local propane filling places were closed. We need propane to run our furnance. And that night the temps dropped into the mid 30's. So, it was way cold! But, we made it through the night with no problem. The next morning Troy got our two 30 lb. tanks refilled along with the smaller one.

So, my menu changed for the week as well. We went with food that was easy to cook outside with little to no clean up or dish washing!

Once again, being prepared can save you a lot of grief.

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  1. Goodness! Do you two camp all year around? I have trouble enough being prepared for one home, let alone two. Of course, I'll never be as organized as you are!


  2. Its so true. But then there are people like me who overprepare and don't use stuff and then have to clean out in a Major way! Its called cook from the pantry only week! (except some fresh veggies) Poor dh.

  3. Smart post!

    Thanks for sharing your insight. This is an important lesson in frugality.

    Stop by and see me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal!


  4. Jane,
    I think if we could, we would! We are in the process of loading our truck up with everything that needs to come home with us and it is sad. We LOVE to camp.

  5. Kathy,

    I do the same. I have a very good stocked pantry at home. One week every month I cook out of our pantry. Now only does it help with rotating but, that way i can see what I need to keep in my pantry.

  6. Being prepared saves many a headache. Sorry you had to fork over the cash for paper goods. :( Not fun.

  7. Ugh! Sorry about the paper goods. :(


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