After Halloween Sales!

So, Halloween is over. Have you gone out and snagged some Halloween discounted candy or other items?

50%-75% off is a great time to stock up on different candies that you may be using for the upcoming holidays.
Or maybe using in stockings at Christmas.
A birthday party coming up? How about using it in a pinata?
Can you use them for your gingerbread house?
How about crushing or chopping to use for cupcake toppings.

And don't forget to grab some of the decorating items. not just the Halloweenish items for next year decorating but, plain colored ribbons, napkins, plastic ware, paper products, candles, plastic bowls or plates. All these items can be used throughout the year for parties, BBQ's Church functions, you name it. Why not buy them when they are super cheap.

And cheap costumes are a fun item to stash in your Rainy day box! Same goes for all those little "party favor" type items. Your children aren't going to care if they are Halloween themed in February when they are bored out of their mind because it is too freezing cold to go outside.

So, look at some of these clearanced items in a different light. How can you use these to help save you money down the road?

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