Tightwad Tuesday

With the Holidays approaching and all the wonderful decorations, I thought some helpful tips about caring for your candles would be appropriate.

Now, I buy plenty of cheapo candles. Those candles are just basically for show. But the ones that I actually use and burn, I try to buy good quality candles. I am a huge "after the holiday" candle buyer. One of my yearly candle buying traditions is with my mom right before Christmas. The two of us head to Pier One Imports and load up on extremely clearanced summer (if here is any left) and a ton of what is considered Fall candles.

I really like Pier Imports candles. They have always burned nice and the scents are generally nice and last throughout the burning of the candles. As a matter of fact, about 65% of the candles I have in my Fall decor right now are Pier Imports from last Christmas season. The store wraps each candle and I keep them stored that way until I need them. I have a drawer in my china cabinet that is just for candles.

When you buy candles at great discounted prices, if you don't take care of them they won't be much of a good value. Taking care of our things is a major thrifty and frugal thing to do! Okay, here are some tips regarding safety and the care of candles.

• Never leave a burning candle unattended.
• Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.
• Keep candles away from flammable objects.
• Votive candles must be in a container.
• Extinguish candles when they burn within 2'' of holders or decorations.
• Snuff out (rather than blow out) candles to prevent hot wax from

• Candles fade if exposed to bright light for extended periods of time.
• Store flat in cool, dark place to prevent warping.
• Polish smooth candles with a nylon stocking to remove fingerprints.
• Keep lit candles out of drafts as they may burn faster, burn unevenly or drip.
• If the wick is drowning in its own wax, trim top 1/2" of the candle off, do not cut off the wick. This may need to be repeated as the candle is used.
• If the candle is too large to fit in the candle holder, cut away the excess with a sharp knife. If the candle is too loose for the candle holder, place a rubber band or tape around the bottom of the candle.
• To keep candle from sticking in the holder, spray the opening with vegetable spray.
• When a votive candle has burned out, turn it upside down, and place in the freezer overnight. When it is removed from the freezer, the wax will fall out of the container.
• To remove spilled wax, let harden, scrape off what you can with a spatula or credit card then place a paper towel or brown paper bag on the spot. Gently press with a warm iron. Wax will melt and be absorbed in the paper.

• Candles burn more slowly and evenly if refrigerated before using. Wrap candles in plastic or foil before refrigerating to prevent wicks from absorbing moisture.
• Trim wicks to 1/4" for longer burning time.
• Burn pillar candles long enough to create a pool of wax across most of the diameter of the candle. The candle will last longer and burn more evenly.

Sources from Joann.com

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  1. Great candle tips! I buy the large jar candles in pine and cedar scents! The stores only carry them during Christmas season, so stocking up is a 'must'!!!

  2. The first three tips would have been good to know several years ago. I think that you should add that if you suddenly get that cozy comfy feeling of Christmas, check your decor for fire.


  3. Nicole, Well ya know, you live and learn! and what is more cozy that a good old fashion rip roaring fire at the holidays? okay, so maybe the fire being on the wall is a little less cozy! Ahhhh the memories! :)


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