Thrifty Organization for a Cluttered Corner

I have been doing small projects a little at a time. One area that seems to be in constant clutter is at the end of our kitchen counter near the phone. Do you have one of these places? A place where stuff just accumulates, all the odds and end papers, pens, calendar, notepads, rubber bands, paper get the idea. And the fact is, we life in reality. My home is a place of "real people". We don't have tons of room. Our life is hectic, chaotic and sometimes totally topsy-turvy. We are on the go as much as we are at home. So, the reality is, I need a junk space. But, I hope to contain it and make it at least somewhat presentable.

Here is a before shot of the embarrassing clutter:

I have tried different things in this little corner that have not really worked. I have tried baskets, boxes, and a couple of other things.

So, when I saw this little cheap black metal counter corner shelving thing (wow, what a description LOL), I thought this might help. I got it at Family Dollar (where I seem to be finding a lot of interesting bargains lately). It was clearanced to $2.00. Now this is a very cheapo shelf but, it fit in the area and I like the way it turned out. The shelves are just some heavy duty card board and were painted with roses. That would not fit in this area. So I got out the black spray paint, which is becoming a major staple in my crafting area!

Here is a picture of the shelf when I got it....

I spray painted the shelves black and set it up on the counter. I put back the items that needed to be there.

Yup, it's not staged. The shelf has real stuff on it that we use everyday in real life
The little ceramic bowl that I got at a thrift store for around a $1.00 (and have recently found out that it is a collector piece of Rockingham Pottery! Who knew! Thanks to Jane at The Thrifty Country Woman) holds all those rubber bands, paper clips, twist ties and a multitude of other whatnot's.
A small amber knobby glass pitcher I also got for .50 cents at an Antique Mall holds the pens and scissors. I still have a calendar/planner and other misc papers but, everything is a little more organized. Of course it also got a little Fall decor on it as well. :)

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  1. That is a very nice re-do of a dollar store item! Everyone has to save a few bucks here and there, and you are definitely THRIFTY, but show your creativity as well with this practical idea! Thanks for joining in today! Hope you can join us again next week! Love your ideas!!!

  2. That is definitely a workable solution for that kind of clutter. I am always trying to organize that kind of stuff too. Well, if you saw my last week's Get R Done with the kitchen counters you know what I mean. The stuff just piles up. We have been working hard at keeping it from piling up again.

  3. Diann,
    That turned out nice.

    I have piles everywhere there is a flat spot in my house!!! Drives me crazy! One of these days i will need to get more organized, but right now my focus is on the store and happy crafting. =0)

    Thanks for joining us on Get R Done.


    Barbara jean

  4. You did a great job getting rid of that clutter on the corner of your cabinet! I have stacks of papers and things on one end of my counter that I need to do something about really soon. I'm afraid your cute shelf wouldn't help me there. lol

    Get R Done Friday!


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