Tasty Thirftiness - Marjoram

Over at I Refuse to Recede, Troy's Herb of the week is Marjoram.

Besides knowing that marjoram and oregano seem to be closely related, I knew very little about marjoram. So, here is some of the things I discovered in my quest for marjoram information:

Did you know that it is in a men's cologne? The name of it is Herbissimo Mediteranean Marjoram Cologne

How about the fact that it is used to infuse honey?

Or did you know you can buy a product called "Aromadog Chill-out" which is a blend of several herbs including marjoram to quiet pet nervousness?

Or a product to "Snore-no-more Marjoram blend"

How about some "Limb Relax Essential Oil Synergy". Now this looks like something I may need to look into!

I am beginning to think there is a little more to this herb than meets the eye!

To get the full scoop on marjoram, head over and see what Troy has to say about it.

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  1. I'm going to look for that cologne. I think Marjoram smells wonderful!


  2. Goodness - I've learned a whole lot of new things just by stopping by! GREAT!

  3. I have never even had marjoram. Never seen it. Never smelled it (but apparently it smells wonderful).


    Now I will be sure to find it on my next shopping trip.


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