It's a Surprise

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Hi There,

I’m Troy. I’m Diann’s Husband.

Some of you may know me from visiting my blog, others have probably heard Diann talk about me, so I feel like I know most of the “Regulars” here. I’m sneaking in here and leaving this post when nobody is looking.

Diann has been working hard on her blog and working hard on getting our house ready for winter, and working hard at taking care of me and the little princess, and quite frankly, I think she has been working too hard.

She isn’t one to do anything halfway, and she considers it a personal failure if everything isn’t completely perfect at all times in the lives of the people she loves.

So she does everything she can to make sure that everyone gets taken care of, and she forgets to take care of herself.

A little while ago, she was getting ready for bed, and she turned to me and said “I’m not going to have anything to post for Rednesday tomorrow.” She was just so busy with yucky housework and laundry and all that other stuff that she does, that she didn’t get a chance to take any “red” pictures.

She told me that she didn’t really have anything red that she wanted to show off this week anyway, since she doesn’t have many red things.

Well, That’s just a shame, because way back when I first met her, she told me red was her favorite color, and purple her second favorite, so, when she goes downstairs in the morning to make coffee, she is going to discover that I got her something red, with some purple mixed in.
Fortunately, red and purple are her favorite colors, because there isn’t a lot of variety available at midnight around here.

Now she has something red, she has a Rednesday post, and maybe she will have something to make her smile Wednesday , knowing that I appreciate everything she does for our home.

It’s a surprise, so don’t anybody tell her. OK?

Happy Rednesday everyone, and you can check out other Rednesday posts on Sues Blog, by clicking here:


  1. How sweet you are Troy. If there were more Husbands like you out there, this world would be a happier place.

    I bet she is going to be so thrilled and feel very loved. Good Job Troy!!!! Terry

  2. Well, aren't you a sweetie? Those roses are gorgeous!! She has chosen a fine hubby, I would say! Happy REDnesday, Diann!


  3. Troy, thank you so much for being thoughtful! Diann - he's a keeper! Now, wipe those tears from your eyes and have a relaxing day today! Happy, happy Rednesday!

  4. can't go wrong with red and purple flowers.

    love one another!!

  5. How sweet! A perfect Rednesday!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. Oh my gosh, what a sweetheart! Happy Rednesday to both of you!

  7. What a wonderful suprise! I bet she was super excited! They are lovely! How can I get my husband to do this?


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