Rice Pudding with Apples

After coming home from the apple orchard with a couple of bags of beautiful fresh apples, the apples we had left at home while camping last week were getting a little sad looking. So, it was time to use them up.

I made rice last night for dinner and whenever I make rice I have to make lots extra to make rice pudding. I think at some time the Hubs determined that to be a house law. LOL

I had used a new rice (new to me that is) called Indian Basmati Long grain rice. Here is a picture of the bag:

I think I bought it at Big Lots. I love to find different foods that I have never used there at a cheap price. Anyway, this rice is DELISH! Seriously, if you see it at a good price, buy some!

I tossed about about a cup of raisins, 1/3 of a stick of butter (chopped up), about a 1/2 cup of brown sugar, a couple of hardy dashes of cinnamon. There really is no measuring for this dish to me. It's a "use leftover rice" dish and just wing it. But, these are the basics that I add every time.
However, this time I chopped up a couple of apples and threw them in. the apples were two different kinds, I just wanted to use them before they went bad. And then mixed it all together.

Then all of that went into the pot of rice and stirred together. I added one whole can of evaporated milk. This is a must. Always use canned milk. It makes it so much richer in taste! It will be very soupy. If is isn't, once it bakes it will come out dry. The rice absorbs a lot of liquid during baking. Then pour it into a baking dish.

Then bake. I baked it at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Take it out of the oven and let it cool a bit. I actually like my rice pudding warm, so I let it set for about 15 minutes. Then serve.

Sorry, I didn't plan ahead and find just the right dish to show it off in. Rice pudding is kind of bland looking, but it came out really tasty! The apples worked great in the pudding. It ended up having kind of a caramel apple taste to it. A great way to use up those apples that are starting to go bad. And no I don't use eggs in my rice pudding. I have tried it in the past and preferred it without them.
Rice pudding is a great inexpensive filling dessert and it basically uses just pantry items.

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  1. I love rice pudding, my grandma always made with raisins. I like the idea of apples. Geri

  2. I LOVE basmati rice and rice pudding is something I never knew I liked until a few years ago. This looks extra special with the apples. Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Rice and tapioca puddings are favorites at our house when Hubby can convince me to make them:) Thanks for the reminder. I would love for you to post to Crock Pot Wednesday if you would like. Come check it out.

  4. Sounds really good! My father in law loves rice pudding. I could make this for him, sometime.

  5. My mom and aunts LOVE rice pudding. I'll have to try your recipe for them.

    Thanks for sharing with TATT!

  6. I never thought to use apples in rice pudding but it looks fab!

    On a side note, I always thought that brand of rice was only found at Aldi. The sell it at Big Lots too? I like that brand!

  7. I love rice pudding. Sounds like a tempting recipe.

    Happy Foodie Friday (belatedly)...


    Sheila :-)

  8. Love the addition of the apples for a change of pace.


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