Quick Home Decor Craft Ideas!

All of the following ideas came from Better Homes and Gardens. I love getting ideas from them! And just seeing a different take on something always inspires me to try something new. I rarely want my project I am working on to come out exactly like a picture I saw. I like the fact that when people see something and think "I really like that" and take that idea and put a little spin on their own creation.

Welcome Plate

Ribbon Wreath

Heritage Memory Art

Leaf Motif Coasters

Pretty Natural Wreath

Ottoman with Tassels

Beaded Tablerunner

Posy Pincushion

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  1. I love BHG, especially thier cook books. I want to try that ribbon wreath!

  2. All of them are beautiful. Wish I had BHG home!!!

  3. Very pretty! I stink at this stuff - I'm always afraid it's like trying on clothes - looks great in the picture, but put it in my house and it doesn't 'fit' quite the same way.

  4. My favorite is that welcome plate. It looks so classy

  5. I love those leaf coasters. I love fall decor, but haven't done a thing this season cause of the new baby. Maybe I will do Christmas decorations on Halloween :)


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