I just don't wanna cook!

I am so going to be kicked out of all the cooking/recipe linkups for this post! LOL I just thought I would mention that and say it was nice knowing y'all!

Some days, even with the best of intentions and even with the ingredients at hand and all ready to be cooked, I still just say, "I don't wanna cook!" And yes, that is in a very whiney voice.

The other day, Troy and I had a gazillion things to do. We were busy all day. And we had been doing some things that by the time dinner rolled around, we were sore, tired, whooped and lethargic. And all day The little princess felt the need to help us which means she undid everything we would do over and over again. So, that too wore us out. You know the kind of day I am talking about right?

We are really watching our food budget so, neither of us wanted to spend a chunk of it on some kind of carry food and we certainly didn't feel like going out to a restaurant. So, the pantry it was.

Like I said, I had the meat thawed for dinner and a menu planned but, that was going to entail about an hour in the kitchen. Not to mention clean up. Blahhhhhh. Once we got the munchkin to bed, I told Troy that I am making something fast and easy and from a can! LOL Fortunately, he never complains because he knows if he did, he would become the full time chef in the house ASAP! LOL

So, the following meal would be a good example of "eating out of your pantry" and each meal was under $1.00 per person.

Our meal consisted of tuna sandwiches which were made on homemade bread (baked earlier in the week), fresh sliced fruit and veggies and .....a can of off brand spaghetti and meatballs.

I know, OFF brand CANNED spaghetti? Well, it was a dented can for .35 cents. I bought as many as they had. First off, I have a toddler and we all know how they love that stuff. Second, it was a great price and something I could add to my food storage.

So, I opened the can of thriftiness (LOL) and plopped it into a bowl. And then I stared at it. So not appealing. I grabbed some garlic powder and shook some in. Then a little onion powder. A few pinches of some of our dried Italian herbs went in. A little pepper. Some grated parmesean cheese shakes. I mixed it all up and divided it into a couple of dishes to bake it. I topped it with some sliced up mozzerella and popped them into the oven.

Ya know what? It turned out very yummy! Who knew?

So, with a well stocked pantry and a good assortment of herbs and seasonings, you can take a cheap can of something and turn it into a meal your family will like. This is not only easy and quick but, it really helps with a budget.

Here are some pictures of our meal. It isn't burnt, I promise. Thats just the melted cheese. And we love when we make a cheese dish for the cheese to from a little crust.

Yup, the entire plate of food, which was quite a bit, totaled about .98 cents (and I counted everything it took to make the meal). So, for $1.96 both Troy and I had a filling, tasty meal. Not bad!

The reality of it is, sometimes LIFE gets hectic and we don't follow through with our plans. Sometimes, ya just wing it.

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  1. You got a fun and easy meal on the table that is all that counts. Right??

  2. Winging it can be fun! :D Great job!

  3. Some days we need 'fast and easy' - (not in the bedroom, please!) and that meal is a dandy!

  4. Diann,
    Sounds like some of the days I have! Glad you got a good meal on the table.

  5. I love hearing when people get creative in the kitchen. Sounds like you saved yourself a lot of stress! You go girl!

  6. How funny. I have a 2 yr old. So, I too, have a dented can of that (what did you call it?) "thriftiness". LOL!! I may just try your variation and make it better!!! Thanks. Love your honesty. I know I don't always want to be June Cleaver and whip up the big feast!!


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