Before I write another post, I must stop and write a Gratituesday post!

At the beginning of Spring, Troy and I were really dreading the next few months. We had a lot of things that were very unpleasant to deal with (2 different court ordeals dragging on. One Workers Comp and the other Custody Battle). We started out with a lot of stress, anxiety and fear. We had no idea where our life was going to be after summer.

Early on, we sat at the campground discussing our fears. We had done everything we could do ourselves and we had to let go. If we didn't, we would end up hurting ourselves. We had to believe that things were now in God's hands and we would be safe.

We still worried from time to time. We still did extra things to try to make things smoother. But, we let go of the control and prayed.

We followed our hearts. We ended up having a pretty darn good summer (minus some icky points..LOL). But, all and all, we had some adventures, some laughs, some silliness and one happy little adventuring camper aka, our little princess who had herself a blast of a summer!

Oh toddlers can be quite a handful (and believe me she is) but, there is something so magically about her spotting her first frog and "hopping" along with it all over a campground or the first time we splashed in mud puddles and laughed while catching raindrops.

The Lord gave me an unforgettable summer with an amazing husband and brilliant shining star little girl. And I just want to say thank you, I am most grateful!

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  1. A sweet post! We must stop and give thanks for the little things. At times, those small things are what carry us through the tough times, until things are looking good once again. I know that feeling - believe me!

  2. Oh I am so glad your summer turned out ok. It is hard to have all that hanging over you! This was a sweet post. I too try very hard to be sure to be grateful for the good and not dwell on the bad!
    Hugs, Lisa


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