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As I have talked about...a lot, we grew our own herbs this year. We have been growing them for quite a few years now. We try to add new herbs each year and just play around with different ones. We, the Hubs and I, really enjoy cooking and experimenting with different recipes. And herbs are always called for.

Have you priced fresh herbs at the store? Or even try to find them in the middle of winter? Even dried herbs are expensive. When you are trying a new recipe and it calls for a 1/4 teaspoon of tarragon, going out and searching for fresh or having to buy a whole jar of tarragon just for a 1/4 teaspoon is not very thrifty! So, 9 times out of ten, you look for a different recipe that has the herbs you have at home. Budgets are too tight to just go and buy a pricey little jar of some herb.

So, that was the main reason we decided to really focus on herbs in our garden. First off, fresh herbs? Way the best! But, drying and preserving your own is second best. The flavor is so much better than the jars of dried herbs you find at the store. I don't know why exactly, but it is true.

So, we have dried a ton of herbs. We plan to make some of our own mixes and blends that we like besides keeping some in individual jars. I have a lot of mints and want to play with making my own teas. So, we have been on the hunt for inexpensive jars to use for our dried herbs. We used to use baby food jars but, we have a lot more herbs than they will hold.

A few weeks ago, I found a couple of tall slender jars that were really pretty that I am going to use for some of the mints. But, we needed quite a few more.

Yesterday, the Hubs was out doing some running around for truck parts and picking up our PC from the shop. Okay, all kinda guy stuff, right? I had work to get done here at home so, I didn't go with him. Well, I get this picture text from him. I look at it and immediately know where he is! He is sending me pictures of jars at Salvation Army! GASP!! I immediately called him and asked why he didn't tell me he was going to the thrift store! Um, hello!! He said he was in the area and thought he would stop in and look for jars. Oh, yeah, like I haven't used the "I just happen to be in the area" ploy before! LOL I think I have created a thrift store junkie! LOL

So, anyway, he sends text pictures of these different jars that were "yellow sitcker" priced and it was yellow sticker day (50% off). Did I not train him well or what! LOL I said they looked like what we needed so, go ahead and get them. Well, the next thing I know, I am getting pictures of all different kinds of items! All attached with a note stating the price and the fact that they were yellow stickered! I'm drooling on the phone because I am not there!

So, he comes home with 4 jars and a few other little 'goodies". Here are the jars that he got for between .75 cents and .99 cents each. Sorry, I haven't clean them yet.

I love that they are all different shapes. 2 square, 1 round and 1 triangle

I really love this round one. It is a fruit motif on it

Happy "3 or more" and "2nd Time around"!!

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  1. These are darling. I try to collect glass jars as often as I can find them. Something reminiscent of an old fashion general store.

  2. Hi Diann...

    My friend...I sooo admire you! I have always wanted to grow my own herbs! This summer I decided to start a batch of chives inside...they didn't make it! I'm afraid I don't have a green thumb at all! You're right, they are so expensive to buy! Maybe you can offer a few tips about growing herbs inside? I'd love to have a few basics fresh for use all year long! Anyway, I love your pretty jars...they'll be perfect for your herbs! That honey of yours is soooo sweet...and just too cute!

    You know, another thought for inexpensive jars! I save all my candle jars after the candles have burned down. They are awesome for storage and pretty! They have those rubber rings so they seal nicely! I always hate to just throw them away after the candle is gone! I use them for bath storage...such as q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Just a thought!!!

    Loved your post and pretty jars, Diann!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  3. Jars can be so versatile. Food, cosmetics, buttons the possibilities are endless.
    I grow many herbs and they are usually available fresh all year unless we get a bunch of snow. They don't look as pretty but they taste good.

  4. Super deal!!! Love the jars but I am a jar freak!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. You still would have liked to have gone there with him, no doubt! At least he knows what to look for!

  6. Oh aren't you lucky?!! "The Hubs" is a very good shopper! I think my favorite of them all is the squarish one to the right!!... This is my first time participating in 3 or More Tuesday, and it's been fun visiting everybody's posts today! I look forward to visiting you again soon! ~tina

  7. Hi Diann, I too love jars and the best part they are not only pretty but they are soooo useful. Your hubs did a great job og thrifting. He rocks!! BIG smile.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Hi Diann,
    Love all those glass jars!

    Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around!

    :) Diane

  9. Hi Diann, just wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping in for a visit today... dooor is open pop in anytime... love the jars they will be perfect for you... I love your frugal attitude... I have been living a frugal life my whole life... I always say I could make the Queen cry... (she is on all our money)
    Hugs... Deborah


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