Coupon Organization

Wow, I am super late with my "Works for me Wednesday" post! I hope I can slide it in before the deadline!

I gave a coupon class tonight so that is still on my mind. I have used every coupon organizing system out there. I have searched out other couponing sites and blogs to see what they do. I have try all the different methods.

Everyone has to decide what works for them when it comes to organizing your coupons. I see a lot of boxes and baskets that work great for people. But, what I have found that works best for me is a reusable tote bag.

I like to have all my coupons with me. I take in the store with me my expandable cancelled check folder that has the coupons I plan to use. However, I like to know that my couponing tote bag is out in my car if I need it.

Too many times I have gone into a store and saw a product clearanced and KNOW I have a coupon for it at home that would significantly save me money. Now, if I see some great products priced low and I know I have coupons for it, I can just head out of the store, get in my car and find the coupon. I keep a little pair of scissors in my tote bag as well.

Sometimes when I am browsing around, I just take the tote bag in with me and toss it in the shopping cart. You never know. And it is not uncommon to see me at a store that has a little "sit down area" searching for a particular coupon because I just found a great price on something and know I have coupons for it.

So, if you see me at one of the local stores pouring over coupons with a cold drink in my hand, come over and say hi! But don't expect to take my coupons!! :)

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  1. Coupon class? I have never heard of that before. Explain it to me. It might help me :)

  2. Hi Jennifer. Yup, a couponing class. I put together binders that had informatio regardig coupons and how to use them effectively to save the most money. I made a list of couponing terms and talked about how to "stack" coupons and where to get the best coupons and just a bunch of other information regarding couponing. Apparently I did a pretty good job because most of the people who attended were very happy to learn some good basic couponing information. And several have let me know how much money they saved since they took the class. I makes me feel great that I could help!


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