Tuesday Tip - On the go snacks

If you have been following along, you have seen that I have a built up a pretty good stash of cereal. One of my most recent shops, I got several boxes of Cherrios. One of those boxes did not make it to my pantry.

I took one box of Cherrios and immediately made up snack bags filled with the cereal. With the sale and coupons, each of these little snack bags comes out to about $0.04!

A few months ago I found Christmas snack bags for $0.40 a box. My Little Princess has no idea they are Christmas. She just likes the fact that she has her own baggie of treats!

I make them up and then stuff them into our cookie jar since I never put cookies in the jar (LOL) and it sits on our dining room table. This makes for a quick and handy "To Go" item!

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  1. What a great idea! My little ones LOVE cereal as a snack... so this would definitely work out in this house :)

    Thanks for stopping by Garibay Soup... I would LOVE to see you back over linking up for Just a Motivating Monday..... you've got a great blog here!!


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