Tuesday Tip - Don't leave your coffee maker on

Here is a little energy saving tip.

Once you have brewed your pot of coffee, pour the pot into a thermal carafe and turn your coffee maker off. It's just a little thing but, I have been finding all the little things start to add up over time.

I started doing this a few years ago. I found that I really liked having my coffee in a carafe. It was easier to take it outside and sit on the patio or take it to my desk area. I have my pot of coffee right now sitting next to me. Since I take half and half, I just pour some into a thermal travel mug put it on a tray with my cup and spoon. Easy to return to the kitchen when I am done with it.

I see carafes all the time at the thrift stores for between $2.00-$4.00. I got my at The Home Goods Store clearanced.

Do you have a little money saving tip to share?

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  1. Nice tip. The other good thing is the coffee doesn't keep cooking which increases the acid taste. Thanks for stopping by.


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