Thrifty "look-alike" Finds

I feel like I am picking on Pottery Barn these days ( I did a different "look alike Last Tuesday HERE). I really am not! Honest! I love Pottery Barn an even if I rarely can buy from there, I still want the cool things I see. So, I have to search out the thrifty alternatives. I try to come as close to the fabulous items I see at Pottery Barn. Sometimes I can do pretty good, other times I just sit and hope that Pottery Barn has an awesome clearance soon! LOL

I saw these cool laterns at the Pottery Barn Website. I just loved them! But, unfortunately, it wasn't going to happen for me. But, check thm out.....

Aren't they just beautiful!
Malta Lantern
$29.00 - $99.00

And then I saw these beautiful ones as well....

Love them!
Chloe Lantern
$39.00 - $59.00

Okay, so neither of these were going to make it into my home. And I would want at least 2 of them. Just wasn't happening. So, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a knock off that would work. I finally found them! Yup, Family dollar clearance area! Here are my knock-offs....

Can you see that price? Originally $5.00 each. Clearanced for $3.00 each! Yipee!

They are not exactly the same of course. I still love the Pottery Barn ones. I can live with these and more importantly, so can my budget!

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  1. Put candles in these lanterns and they will glow just as well as the more expensive ones. Who's to know. Did you see Debbie's Met Monday post at Confessions of a Plate Addict? She show there lanterns she transformed. If you missed it you might it enjoy taking a look. Thanks for stopping by the QCI post and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. ~ Sarah

  2. Like this find! Being thrifty rocks! LOL!
    Diann, do you have a follow feature for friends on your blog. I would like to follow you, but not through email.

  3. I have noticed this too. The cheaper stores are onto the trends too!

    Great tip...thanks for sharing!


    Stop by and see me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal!

  4. Great finds! I'm never so lucky.

  5. Family Dollar rocks! Those are beautiful!

  6. That's funny!! I must have been looking at your lanterns the same time you were looking at my night stand. I call these "great mind moments"

    I like your bargain lanterns better than the others.

  7. Great finds ! Three bucks is great - I would have purchased them too !

  8. Hey what a great deal...thanks so much for stopping by to visit me door is always open and I love visitors...stop back often I post new stuff almost daily...

    have a great day

  9. Oh that rocks!!!!

    Don't you feel like million bucks after the treasure hunt! I love it!!!


  10. About the third post today that makes me NEVER want to buy retail again. ever ever ever! lol

  11. I have been doing the exact same thing--looking for a cheap version of those very lanterns! I'm trying to recreate the front autumn door from Pottery Barn for cheap. I found my lanterns from Walmart for $10. Not as cheap as your's, but still pretty good! Now if I could only figure out how to get some huge garden urns for cheap!


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