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I have been working on my Autumn decorating. I am not done yet but, I should be done within the next week or so. I like to "set the Fall Stage" as it were. Get all the Autumn decor up and then the first of October incorporate Halloween decorations into the mix. Then November 1st, take down the Halloween and add a few Thanksgiving touches. I do this because I really LOVE Autumn and want to enjoy every minute of it that I can. So, my Autumn decorations take me right through to Christmas decorating.

I don't spend very much money on decorating for Halloween. Any "new" items that are say over $5.00, I wait until the clearance sales for them after Halloween and then enjoy those new items next year. The same goes for all the holidays. So, I am looking forward to pulling down my boxes of Halloween and Thanksgiving items and seeing what fun things I got last year on clearance. It's like Christmas for me because I totally forget what I got!

Okay, I have a confession. I am just a big 'ol kid when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I still love to get out craft supplies and make corny Halloween decorations. And having a toddler who loves seeing "dangling, sparkling, lighted and different colored" things, I get to use the excuse that I do it for the Little Princess.

Since I am sitting at the campground and not able to be home decorating right now, I decided to take a little time and plan some of my Halloween craft projects.

Amazingly enough, Martha Stewart reigns the Queen when it comes to making fun, silly and cheap Halloween decorations. This always amazes me, but there ya have it.So, I decided to start there first. Off to the archives of Martha Stewart Living online I go!

Black plastic garbage bags create this Witches Entry

After seeing this one, it inspired a different "twist" on it for me. I am going to get a couple of my canning jars, fill them with the gummy worms, bugs, spiders etc, And then hot glue a couple of creepy crawlies on the jars outsides. The dollar stores has large packages of all those plasic icky bug toys so, one bag will do several jars. Here the instructions for Marthas JARS.

Construction paper is a must have to make some fun Halloween decorations. Once again, a dollar store item. Instructions HERE!

Use some of the candles and holders you already have and then just make these little cardboard cutouts to achieve a shadowed silhouette on the walls. You could use your empty cereal boxes for the cardboard and just paint them or any other boxes you have. Instructions HERE

I really like this idea because I will have candles already in place for the Autumn decorations. Mine aren't going to be these tall candles but, I can still use this idea with what I have and I even have an old piece of cheesecloth. Get instructions HERE!

I never thought to use white pantyhose that you unravel as cobwebs. That clever Martha! Instructions HERE!

oooohhh...bloody candles...creepy! Here's how Bloody Candles

Rubber stamp creepy crawlies onto various glass decorating items. Instructions HERE

Instead of carving a face, how about turning your pumpkin into a mouse motel. Instructions HERE

Well, I have some Halloween decorating ideas now. How about you?

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  1. No mouse motel for me! Eeeck! But I love your bloody candles!

  2. I love this tackle and we will do more of this coming this weekend.

  3. LOVE LOVE the mice in the pumpkins...great ideas thanks for sharing.


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