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I don't know about any one else but, as the seasons change I get this whole need to change too. When Spring hits, I want to simplify my space around me. I want light colors, clean lines, no clutter, you get the idea. And now that Fall is heading this way, I want to warmth and coziness in my home.

The problem with this is that I don't have a "decorating budget". I also don't have a staff of people to do the redecorating/remodel/redesign for me. I keep looking for the "behind the scenes" contractors and painters and upholsterers that are on all those designing shows to show up at my house and they aren't here!

All of us have our different opinions of what is "disposable" income for such things as redecorating. Mine is not very high. And by that I mean, thrift stores finds, clearanced items, "oops" paint, Trash day "I can't believe they are throwing that out" kind of budget. And everyone has a different set of skills and abilities so, I tried to keep that in mind as well.

The following tips are a wide range in costs. But, most of them are well under a $100.00. Like I said, everyone has different money levels. I am hoping to put together a really and I mean REALLY "How low can you go" decorating tip and ideas post soon. But, these are to get some ideas flowing.

* Want to have a splash of color with out painting your walls? Paint the inside of a frequently used closet with a bright coordinating color. This will also give you a chance to see just how much you really like that color without having it everywhere!

* Really like your curtains or can't replace them due to budgets being tight but, wish you could give them just that little extra touch? Try using beautiful scarves as pull packs. Or awesome necklaces you find.

* If you find and use some great scarves as tie backs, use one or two as table runners or a table square on your coffee table, ends tables or even the kitchen table.

* Put wooden shelves above your windows and paint them or stain them (adding decorative molding if possible).

* Kitchen needs remodeling but there is no budget for it? Make a few changes.
If your cabinetry is a decent quality but, just out-dated you have a lot of options.

*sand down and re-stain
*Add new hardware
* add new molding
* cut out a panel in a couple of wall cabinets and add glass
* cut out the toe kicks of a few base cabinets and add "legs" to each corner/side. You can either use wood and paint/stain to match the cabinet or you could use stainless steel or some other metal. These legs are just for show and will create the illusion of free-standing cabinets.
* add puck lights or base board lights or up-lights.
* add embellishments to your cabinet doors
* add a different back splash.
* create a dramatic wall just behind your stove (tile, stainless steel, or copper). Or paint the wall behind your stove with a different color than your walls and attach glass tiles in wavy, bubbled or other textures over the painted surface.
* add some new dividers and racks in your cabinets.
* Also in the kitchen, want a dramatic change without dramatically changing much? Just paint your ceiling a different color.
* If your kitchen is a very neutral color, bring in a totally new color with accents (rugs, cushions, table cloths, placemats, bowls, small appliances etc.)

* Do the same thing above to your bathroom or bedrooms if they are neutral colors.

In the bathroom:
*Loath your vanity but can't afford one you like? Take it out and replace it with a thrift store/yard sale find small dresser/desk/cabinet. Just cut out the hole for the sink and plumbing . Paint it, stain it, add a pretty fabric skirt.
*Have just a plain mirror over your sink? Replace it with a decorative mirror or hang a beautiful curtain above it to give it more drama. If the mirror is just plain, add decorative molding around it.
*Add a decorative tile around your vanity

For your bedroom:
*add a fabric headboard
* use coordinating fabric and cover your lampshades
* Paint old furniture for fresh look and add new hardware.
* Take your curtain rods to the ceiling
* make padded valances to match your headboard
* add molding to your closet door
* add a mirror to your closet door then frame it out and add mullions to create a french door look.
* hang framed pictures on your closet door

Just some ideas :)

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  1. LOL I stopped in the middle of reading this post to dig up an old scarf to tie around a current curtain :)

  2. I get creative too in spring ! unfortunately automn is in front of the door and then winter ! I wished I could sleep for 6 months, lol !

  3. Hi diane,

    Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.

  4. FABULOUS suggestions! I LOVE these, they really make you think about what you have at home to use instead of spending $$ on things you dont need.
    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week, my friend!
    Leigh, Tales from Bloggeritaville

  5. Love these ideas, especially the kitchen and bathroom ones. I hate those rooms the most!!


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