Thrifty Autumn Decor Alternatives

Don't you love flipping through magazines and seeing all the beautiful Autumn decor they have staged in this room or that room? I do. And then I look at the "buying guide" and see the prices and shoot coffee through my nose! I still like all the pretty things, I just can't afford to buy them. However, being thrifty also means finding alternatives doesn't it? Of course it does! We are a very creative group of people, us thrifty-ites. We don't let a price tag hold us back from what we like well, at least not from the "idea' of what we like. We just have to get creative and do a little investigating on our own.

Here is an example. I love Pottery Barn. Don't we all? But, I'm afraid my wallet doesn't have a great relationship with the store. I see things I love and my wallet says, "Not a chance sister! Move along!" And so I do just that. I find things I love and then search out alternatives. And here is one of those alternatives.....

This is a link to the page that has these little cute plates at Pottery Barn

Too cute huh? A set of 4 Acorn Salad Plates is $32.00...YIKES!

And I liked these Leaf Salad Plates, although I would have liked to have seen them in a more Autumn-ish color but, still cute. A set of 4 Leaf Salad Plates are $48.00! Now why are these more expensive than the Acorns, I dunno.

Obviously there was no way I was going to pay $80.00 for 4 Acorn Plates and 4 Leaf plates! But, a girl can still dream and want them. LOL

The other day I stopped by Family Dollar (I'm pretty sure it was Family Dollar, if not, it was Dollar General) and I was browsing around to see what was new and what was clearanced and lo and behold look what I found.......

Price? $1.00 a plate! And that's not all. Pottery Barn did not have these...

Ohhh...a set of salt & pepper shakers! Too cute! The set...$1.00!

But, that's not all folks.........
Leaf Plates too! $1.00 each of course!

And what the heck, I thought I would get these as well, also not available at Pottery Barn.....

Pumpkin Salad Plates and Salt & Pepper Shakers

I only bought 2 of the three different kinds of Autumn Salad Plates. There is only 2 of us who would use them. So, for the 3 different sets of 2 plates and 2 sets of Salt & pepper shakers I paid a grand total of $8.00 (+tax).

So browse around the stores. Get ideas and then get thrifty and creative and find alternatives. It doesn't have to be exactly like the original you saw. Just look for things that have the same feel or make you smile. And most importantly, have fun!!

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  1. great job on those plates!! i think i like the leaves better from dollar general!

    i also LOVE pottery barn *sigh*... and i love dollar general for the same reasons! hehehe... cool stuff for cheap!

    you do a great job linking up with multiple sites too!

  2. Wonderful idea! I will be out at Target today picking up some $.16 Glade candle tins and free refills with coupons (getting fall scents) and will definitely stop by both Family Dollar and Dollar General!

  3. I am so glad you found those! my dollar store rarely has anything really useful I'm afraid. Happy Fall!

  4. Those pumpkin plates are adorable! Must hunt for replicas at my dollar general ASAP.

  5. Oh - the acorns win hands down! Great finds!!

  6. I just love it when you find a deal like this (looks very similar to my Goodwill find!) I'm also one of those people who looks at the expensive stuff and then tries to figure out how I could do it myself for's a sickness, I tell ya! (lol)
    ~amy @ Raising Arrows

  7. Oh great idea! I do tend to hit them for the holidys! LOVE the pumpkins! Thanks for stopping by to visit, I enjoy meeting new blog friends!

  8. Great finds. I feel a dollar store trip coming on. I am with you. I love Pottery Barn, but my wallet doesn't.
    Thanks for stopping by Happy Nester & leaving a comment.

  9. I really like all your fall things. You did a really good job with shopping. Thanks for your visit.

  10. I think I'm going to Dollar General...

  11. Hmmm...I never really go to Dollar General because it is a few towns over, but now I think I am changing my tune.


  12. Aren't dollar stores the best? I am loving those acorn plates. And those salt and pepper shakers are too cute. You did well girlfriend!

  13. Come on over and grab the button 'cuz you've been featured.



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