"Three or More" Tuesday

Hi everyone! Here is another fun linkin. It's called "Three or More Tuesdays". And it is about just that, something you have 3 or more of and want to share. This is hosted by the lovely Tam at The Gypsy's Corner.

When I spent some time clicking my little 'ol heart out on all the linkups, I heard myself saying things like, "Ohhhh....Ahhhhh" and "How unique!". I enjoyed reading everyone's linkups and now I hope you will enjoy it as well!

For my first "Three or More" post, I would like to share with you somethings I have that are very special to me. These are handmade doilies and little table toppers that were made by my Great Grandmother. My Grandmother handed them down to me. Doilies are not something I use a lot; however, when I do use one of these, it is for a special occasion or just to honor my Great Grandmother. I have a few more but, I chose to just pick 4 of them to show.

I do hand embroidery and beading and other sewing and craft projects. I can't even fathom doing this kind of detail work. I think it is a lost art and that is one of the main reasons I treasure them so much.

Here are Great Grandma Nellie's doilies.....

This is one of my favorites. It is done in all cotton thread. I love the delicate pastel colors around the edge.

These colors must have been very popular at the time she made this one because she also used the same colors and style to make big skirts for the ceramic dolls she made.

This cotton one is so clean and fresh looking that it probably gets used the most.

This one is my all time favorite. I just love the style of it and the soft pink roses are just beautiful (and I really need to iron it! LOL)

This simple cotton oval shaped doily also gets used more than the rest.

Those are my "Three or More" treasures for the day. Thank you for stopping in and have a fun day!


  1. Your doilies are very pretty, Diann....Christine

  2. Diann,

    I am guest hosting for Tam, and just want to thank you in her absence for joining in.

    I love your doilies, and how very special that they err your great grandmothers.
    What a treasure.

    Blessings on your week,
    Barbara jean

  3. Never seen ruffles doilies before. Here in Belgium they are not used and considered very old fashioned. But I have one or two real handmade lace ones made by a friend.
    We wash them and then stiffen them with some stiffening spray or with sugar water and then stretch them while they dry. Then they look real nice.

  4. very ornate doilies. It's amazing the love and care that went into our g'mothers things.

  5. The doilies are beautiful! I too have some made by my mother, my grandmother, and my husband's great-grand-and-grandmother, and they are all very precious indeed.

    Love the ruffled ones! What a lot of work!


  6. Hello Diann - I would have loved to have known Great Grandma Nellie! I'm in awe of the detailed work she did on those doilies. I think they're ALL fabulous.

    Thank you for joining me for the party!


  7. You truly have some gems there. And I think you are right about it being a lost art. Thanks for sharing your Grandma's doilies.


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