Tackle it Tuesday - Toys! Toys! Toys!

How can one little 19 month old girl have enough toys to open up her own "Rent a Toy" store? I just don't get it!

Now keep in mind, I am a first time Mama and I wasn't expecting to be a mama at this point in my life. So, when all of you seasoned mommies out there read this and shake your head while exhaling a big "Hello! DUH!" just try to keep this in mind.

A typical day starts out with me going downstairs and put a pot of coffee on. Enjoying my coffee and a little quiet time reading some email before the princess wakes up. The kitchen is straightened up, the dining room floor is free of clutter, the living room floor is all picked up, the hallways are all clear. You get the picture. That wonderful moment to reflect and enjoy the work you put into the night before to make sure everything was all straightened up for the next day. And then I hear the bright and cheery voice "MAMA!...mama...mama...". I glance back at all the clutter free floors and sigh as I go and get the Princess up for the day.

Then the next 10 hours are just a big blur of picking up the same 5 million toys that I have tripped over, stepped on and kicked 20 million times. Seriously, no exaggeration. I have bruises and toy indentations on the bottoms of my feet to prove it!

And then the DUH moment finally hits! Hide.....errrrr...I mean, put away some of the toys and rotate them out. Less toys, less to pick up or get injured by. At this point, I am thinking I really should be interviewed by Parenting magazines and TV shows across the world! Mommies far and wide would be worshipping me for sharing this vital information!

So, while the Hubs took the Princess out to the grocery store, I grabbed a couple of garbage bags and started stuffing them with toys. A friend of ours got the princess this big collapsible toy box. I took that up to her room, crammed it with toys and now they are all stored away at the bottom of her closet. I love this toy box because it zips closed. She will never see what is inside it!

I also called the Hubs and asked him to stop by the dollar store on his way home and pick up a couple of the small laundry baskets. I had kept out enough toys to fill 2 of these smaller baskets so I could take them to both of my brothers' houses. Neither of them have small children so they have no toys for the Princess when they babysit her.

In about a month, I will rotate out her toys. She will be so excited to see "new toys"!

So, that was my Tackling project for the day. And a darn smart one if I do say so myself! And to all my girlfriends out there who have little kids, SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT TELLING ME THIS A LONG TIME AGO!! :)

Oh, and when the little princess got home, she didn't even really notice that 10 million (notice how this number keeps going up?) were missing! Geez!

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  1. Great tackle~! I have a two year old and a 3 month old........I have been thinking about hiding some toys myself and you have just encouraged me to do so. Thanks, have a wonderful Tuesday!


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