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Hi Everyone! Welcome to "Sunday Favorites". Our Charming Hostess is Chari at Happy to Design. Chari's blog is so lovely and filled with beautiful pictures of her decorating. I encourage you to spend a little time looking around.

This week's Sunday Favorite is a post from March 18, 2009. I just thought a little "Thrifty" humor would give you a smile this week!

I snagged this cute little cartoon from Sherry...thanks Sherry :)

Today's Maxine-ism:

Some people shop at several
grocery stores to save money.
I do it to make a meal out
of free samples.

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  1. Haha...I have to send this to my daughter, who is the most naturally thrifty person I know! My friends were envious; when Alida was a teen she'd say things like, "No, Mom, don't get that for me! It is too expensive. . . "

    She HAS done this with samples at the warehouse stores, like Costco. So funny.

  2. The cartoon is a hoot! I was thinking that you could make a meal out of all the samples given out when I was at Sams the other day!


  3. We all love Maxine don't we? The girl speaks the truth. Can I get a woot woot for Maxine. Alright.

  4. I would like to add that although I try my best to save a buck when I can I live in Canada and our options are fewer than yours. I shop in the US at least once a year and tell my friends "in Canada a sale is 10% off and in the US a sale is 70% off. That is almost unheard of here.
    Double coupon days? Nah, not here. I'll keep trying.

  5. Hello Diann...

    Girlfriend, thank you for the funny! I love Maxine and all of her wisdom! Hehe! What a fun post to share with all of us for Sunday Favorites...too cute! Ahhh...can you hear me blushin', my friend? Sure do appreciate your sweet compliments about my blog and decorating at the beginning of your SF post...you're so kind!!! You made my day, Diann!!!

    Warmest wishes,


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