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Wow, I can't believe it is already Sunday again. We are camping this week and the trees are starting to turn colors already. It is so beautiful. I want to decorate our travel trailer for Fall! LOL

Since it is Sunday, that means it is Sunday Favorites hosted by the multi talented Chari at Happy to Design. Each week Chari invites us to repost an old favorite blog entry of ours.

The post I am reposting was my first blog entry about Food Storage (stocked pantry). Everyone views this subject either pro or con, there is very little middle ground it seems. But, for me, it is an important topic.

I have since written numerous posts about food storage and what part it plays in my life. So, I thought it would be nice to go back to March 29, 2009 and repost this article. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

Since I have lived through those "Emergency" times, I can positively tell you how important having a good solid store of food is. Three and a half years ago, we were hit with an emergency and I was so thankful that I had my pantry in pretty decent shape because the last thing I could have spent money on was food. We went from a decent income to ZERO in one day. I had a small emergency fund saved and my debts were paid off at the time. but, that emergency fund was small and every penny, and I honestly mean "every penny" was needed to pay utilities and rent.

I have heard people say negative things about having a well stock pantry. Let's get one thing perfectly clear, there is a huge difference in "hoarding" and "being prepared".

Food is one of the few necessities we actually have some control over. We have to eat but, we can chose what we eat and how much we spend to feed our families. So, it only makes sense to do your best at preparing ahead of time for any emergency that may come along. You can't do that at the time of the emergency when it comes to food. It is something to work on little by little when you can. And the best part is, you constantly rotate the food out so, you are better able to prepare meals at home for your family at a fraction of the cost. No more last minute runs to the store to buy something to fix and pay full price.

With a fully stocked pantry you are able to help out friends and family when they are in need. Even if it is something as small as making someone a few meals for their freezer. Someone you care about may need your help due to an illness, a death, a loss of employment or any other uncontrollable occurrence.

Since I started this blog to encourage and help people be a little more thrifty in their lives and hopefully help people out, I thought it was time to actually start talking more about the things we can do to improve our lives through being frugal. Freebies are great and I really enjoy posting all the finds I see but, I don't want this blog to turn into another "Freebie Blog". So, Food storage and having a well stocked pantry is going to be my focus for awhile.

There are a lot of ways to start a well stocked pantry and I hope to hit on a bulk of them over the next little while. The absolutely #1 rule in getting your pantry stocked is STOCK UP ON ITEMS YOU USE! Sounds like a no-brainer right? Well, let me tell you, it is very easy to get caught up in the whole "This is such an incredible price, I'm sure we would like it if I figured out how to cook it." And yes, I have done that more times that I want to admit. If you find a really great bargain on an item that you don't normally use, buy one, take it home and play with it. If you can come up with a recipe that you enjoy, great! Go back and stock up on that item. If not, it is not a bargain. Recently someone gave me several cans of salmon. I have never used canned salmon in my life. My husband does not like salmon but, is willing to try some new recipes. so, I am going to be searching out recipes and trying different ways of using this item.

There are a ton of wonderful recipe sites on the Internet. Take advantage of them and try out some simple recipes that can be made from food that stores easily. Here are a few of my favorite recipe sites:

Teri's Kitchen
CD Kitchen
Make your own mixes
Nikibone - crockpot recipes

The above is just a tiny sampling of great resources for recipes. Look around and search out more. Try Googling "Frugal recipes" or "meals on a budget". Just those two searches will give you endless hours of recipe reading.

When trying new recipes or old favorites over the next little while, try to keep in mind of what can be exchanged for the "fresh' ingredients. Think of what you could have stored in your pantry that would work in a pinch as a substitute and try it out now instead of when you have to. Examples:

1 cup of milk - try the recipe with a cup of canned milk or make up some dry nonfat milk. How did that work out?

Fresh fruit or veggies - try a canned or bottle version.

Try a canned or dry version of a meat in a few recipes and see if you can tweek it to taste as good as fresh meat.

Just give some new things a try. Think stored food, which usually means canned/bagged/dried/bottled. Of course, you want to keep your freezers as full as possible as well, but the above mentioned pantry items last longer.

So, your first goal is to make sure the things your are stocking up are things you are familiar with and know how to cook/bake. If not, try out some recipes and see if it will fit into your family's menus.

And second, try some new versions of foods in your regular meals. See what works and what doesn't Experiment.

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  1. Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing. Having a stocked pantry has helped my family out in lean times as well.

  2. Hi Diann...

    So happy to have you join in with the fun of Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! What a great post to rerun (and of course, it's new to me!)

    I totally agree with you about being prepared! So many just do not do this anymore...they live "in the moment"...but there have been a few times in my life where I was really glad that I was prepared! Living 30 years in south Texas with the threat of hurricanes really taught me to think ahead! Now I'm living in Colorado and while the danger of hurricanes isn't a worry...winter storms/blizzards are! I try to keep enough on hand to get us by for a couple of weeks! I have a great area in the basement...lots of shelving that I'm going to purpose to start buying sale goods and stock up! Thank you so much for the great and wise idea and inspiration!!!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!
    PS...ohhh, and thanks so much for including some great recipe sites!

  3. Thanks for the interesting, informative post. My only challenge is to occasionally use up what I have stashed away, or bringing the old to the front of the cupboard, a sort of "cleaning out." It can be fun to figure out meals to use it up, before stocking again.


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