Revisiting the past at "Sunday Favorites"

A new blog to me and a new linkup for The Thrifty Groove is "Sunday Favorites". This is a Sunday linkup in which you repost one of your past favorite posts. This introduces new readers to some of your older blog posts.

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I'm still kind of a newbie in blogging. I started this blog in March of this year. It really was just a place for my friends and family to go and find out how to get the same freebies or deals I was getting. And now, well, I just have a whole bunch of new friends!

This post was originally posted on March 19, 2009. I hope you enjoy it.

Something to keep in mind

I have been wanting to write this in here and keep forgetting to. I will probably re-post this periodically.

Some awesome things about freebies or really good deals:

***You get to try something out that you normally might not try or were afraid to spend your hard earned cash on this product without knowing if it would be worth it. Companies offer these freebies in the hopes that once you try something you will buy the full size product in the future. I always hesitate to buy some of the more expensive products out there because money is just too tight these days. However, when I try something for free and then decide to buy it because I really liked it I don't feel like I am wasting my money. I often will write the company to tell them thank you for the sample and I am going to purchase their product now because of the free sample.

***They are often handy size for traveling

***some freebies or bargains are great to put back for gifts. you can create a wonderful gift basket for someone as well.

*** If you can get a food product for free just by printing or cutting out a coupon and going to the store but, it isn't something you will use, please drop it off at a local food bank. What a great way to help other people. You can save up some items like this and then drop them off. Food banks are in every city and are super easy to find. I know someone who is REALLY into the couponing thing. She is a pro. She is able to get a lot of one coupon and wait for a great sale and then purchase a bunch of this product for either free or pennies. She keeps half of it for her home storage and the other half she donates.

The point is, have fun, try new things, help out your family's budget or help someone else out. :)

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  1. Good advice Diann, especially about sharing it with the food banks. Being in Canada I can't take advantage of the same deals as you guys can. Here if a store takes 5 cents off something you are supposed to squeal with delight. Better than nothing I guess.

  2. I love your ideas, Diann! You decided to start your blog at a perfect time. I never thought to leave my coupons at a food pantry~I will remember that!!

    Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!! :-)


  3. Diann, that is a good idea about giving away your freebie at a food bank. The friend you wrote about is a generous and giving individual. :-) Sue

  4. Hello Diann...

    So sorry that I'm getting by a bit's been a busy holiday weekend! I'm so happy that you joined in with the fun of Sunday Favorites!!! I'd like to welcome very nice to meet you! I hope that you'll consider participating in Sunday Favorites again, my friend!

    This was such a great post to share with everyone again, even though it's new "news" to me! I really do appreciate your tips and ideas on how to save on the pocketbook...and all the while getting to sample some new products! I love the idea of using the samples to fill gift baskets...I had never thought of doing that...that's a great idea!!! I must admit that I could be a bit more frugal if I used more coupons, etc! Your post is very timely and very inspiring!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us for Sunday Favorites!!!

    Hope that you're having a wonderful Labor Day!
    Warmest wishes,


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