Man, is my Rednesday post late! It has been such a full day! We spent the day in Sauder Village. We pulled in last night and got our trailer all set up. We met my parents here. This was my birthday present from them. Nice present!! Today we spent the day touring all the awesome old homesteads and shops in the village. So, my reds for today are things I found throughout the village. I hope you enjoy them!

Beautiful ruby red crystal.

Freshly dyed red wool

Okay, this lady is not red but since she dyed the wool and was spinning some, I thought she deserved to be in among the pictures. :)
Red Velvet Barber Chair

Dairy delivery truck and a fancy carriage with red fringe

Dark Red velvet seat on a sleigh

some kind of tractor

they had a large apple orchard and all the trees were filled with ripe apples

this is the little train we took around the village

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  1. Hi Diann,
    Oh, I LOVE those red-rimmed dishes! I have some of the same pattern but it is difficult to get them now. And love the old tractor and train! Thanks for sharing and a belated Happy REDnesday to you.


  2. Beautiful post. What a fun place to visit. The milk truck and mail carriage are amazing. Just beautiful.

  3. Hi Diann
    It's never too late... My fav would be that red velvet barber chair..Happy Belated Birthday.
    Love Claudie


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