Menu Plan Monday

With Fall like weather, seeing the trees turning colors, getting my home decorated for Autumn and having a gazillion things going on at once, I am feeling the need for some crockpot recipes this week. If not crockpot, I am wanting to find some new "one Dish" casserole type meals. So, I went through some cookbooks online and checked my freezer and pantry and this is the menu I came up for this week.

Crafty Crescent Lasagna

Chicken Pineapple Oriental

Sauerkraut/sausage/new potatoes/apples in Crockpot

Crockpot Beef With Mushrooms And Red Wine Gravy Recipe

OUT TO DINNER (traveling to campground)

Chili over the fire & Cornbread baked in firepit

Ham/cheese/tomato sandwiches baked in the fire with sandwich makers.

Shopping List:
small curd cottage cheese (Monday meal)
mushrooms (Thursday meal)

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  1. Those sound like great meals. I forgot about the crescent lasagna. My kids loved it when they lived at home. Thanks for reminding me! The chili over an open fire sounds wonderful!


  2. Mornin' Diann...

    Girl, I'm coming to your house for dinner this week! Hehe! The week's menu sounds fabulous! I took a peek at the recipes your included...thank you! I've never heard of crecsent lasagna...sounds scrumptious and easy enough (even for me! Hehe!)

    I do believe that I save alot of money at the grocery store because I sit down and plan out a week's menu...and buy for those meals! It's something that I taught my daughters to do as well...they have often commented on the savings of feeding a growing family...doing it this way! Anyway...thanks for including the recipe links...I want to try the Crescent Lasagna! I end up doing alot of casseroles and crock pot meals in the autumn as well...maybe it's another reason that I love autumn so much!!!!

    Have a marvelous Monday, my friend!
    PS...left you a little note on your Sunday Favorites post...thanks so much for joining in!!!

  3. Diann, thanks for visiting me and commenting on my thrifty finds. I think your menu is awesome, are you always this organized? :)Marla

  4. Lots of great recipe ideas! I'm going to try the crockpot beef and mushrooms. It sounds yummy and I love that the WW points are included, too :)

  5. I also prefer crock pot or one dish meals when the weather cools off. These sound delicious! We bought a family-sized package of stew beef this week. I made beef stew (in the crock pot) on Sunday with half of it, so I think I'll try the beef and mushroom recipe with the other half. Thanks for some great ideas!


  6. Yum! May I come to your house this week? I need to post my weekly menus on my blog. Maybe it would make feel that I have to be accountable and actually cook! Anyhow, your menu for the week sounds really good.

    Thanks for visiting my blues.


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