"Just a Motivating Monday"

Join me and other bloggers in today's "Just a Motivating Monday" linkup at Garibay Soup with our hostess Amanda.

Last week was a rough week. We had a court date and had to deal with meetings with lawyers which is always so much fun....NOT! So, I was struggling with motivation.

This week, now that all the icky business is over, for the time being, I've got motivation coming out of my pores! LOL

After the court date, I got home and decided that it was the right moment to jump into Fall decorating. I knew that would cheer me up, de-stress me and just make me smile. And it did all three!

Once I started decorating, I found myself cleaning. I mean, after all, if you have this pretty decorated area, you want other areas to look as nice. So, one thing leads to another.

So the Cleaning-Fest and the Fall decorating-Fest just made my energy level soar. And I was having fun doing both things. Yup, you heard me right...BOTH, meaning cleaning too! LOL Of course, if some super cleaning woman had come into my house, I certainly wouldn't have asked her to leave! But, I was having fun and feeling better and just enjoying feeling happy.

That motivation and happiness is still in full force. YAY!

So, what helps you get out of feeling yucky and boosts your motivation?

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  1. I need some of your motivation... but I am too tired to draw inspiration from you right now. ha!

    I am glad you are feeling good about things and you are finding time to enjoy yourself in the things you are doing.

  2. That is AWESOME! I actually need to invest in some fall decorations. What motivates me? My clean closet floor! I finally got all of my laundry done, and it feels so good and it motivates me to want to keep up on my laundry so it NEVER gets out of control again :)

    Thanks for linkin' up ~ FYI a really cool giveaway is going on my blog Tuesday night @ 8pm... be ready for it!!


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