Wow, it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted a Gratituesday!

I guess I have fallen into a couple of negative attitude pitfalls lately. And when that happens I forget about all the positive stuff. I let the yucky stuff override my days. All the more reason I should be staying on top of posting weekly about what I am grateful for. It's an important reminder to step back and really look at what is going on around me. To remember that I have a lot of people who love me and care about me.

I have many things to be grateful for. All I have to do is look around everyday and really see what I have. So, thank you to Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers for the reminder each week to open our eyes and see what we have.

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  1. Oh phooey!
    Wouldn't you know it.
    You are having a not so great week, and i leave you out! (that you for telling me!!)

    So sincerely sorry.

    blessing and hope you're feeling better soon.

    Barbra jean

    Just so you do not feel alone, we all have sort of off weeks sometimes, then it is hard to see the positive just like you said.

    hugs and smiles.


  2. Praying for a fresh perspective for the resy of this week for both you AND me!


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