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Well, it is officially here! We have hit the "mimic" stage with the Little Princess! Oh yes, what we say, she says. Yesterday's favorite mimicked word was, "Whoa!" Troy and I say whoa a lot apparently because not only does she say it, she knows when to say it.

Running through the living room, suddenly an abrupt stop and a loud "Whoa!"

Eating french fries with catsup. Big drip of catsup falls onto her shirt. Dramatic "whoooaa".

I can't find my left shoe. I start tearing the place apart. I hear an quiet guilty "whoa" and see she is holding my shoe.

Suddenly the house is very quiet. Then I hear what should have been an "Uh Oh" instead of a two syllable "Whoa oh".

By the end of the evening I realize just how grateful I am that we do not swear in this house!

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