Bloomin' Tuesday

Once again, being the rule breaker that I am, I am posting another "tree" or rather, "trees" pictures. This was taken at Sauder Village in Archibold, Ohio. I just love the tree and it's turning colors. And having that bench right there just looks like the most perfect spot to enjoy and little rest and relaxation. It was such a pretty little spot to sit down.

And look at these trees just loaded with apples! We couldn't resist going over to them and picking an apple to eat on the little train ride we took to tour the Village.

Hope you have a wonderful "Bloomin'" Day!

Now head over to Jean's Blog, Ms "Green Thumb" Jean and check out what she has to show us along with other folks!

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  1. It's ok to not have blooms--trees are also beautiful, especially with the fall colors. We don't have the many of the type of trees that change colors and drop leaves, so seeing fall foliage is always a treat for me.

  2. Beautiful!!! Love the Apple Tree..

  3. What color!! I agree, that apple tree is just begging to be picked and enjoyed!

  4. Love the beautiful tree against the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds. I would of had to pick an apple too! Jean


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