"Bloomin' Tuesday"

Hi everyone! This is my first time linking up to this fun Tuesday party, Bloomin' Tuesday. It is hosted by Jean at Ms Green Thumb Jean.

I just know I am going to probably be asked to leave since I don't "get" the point of this linkup. But, I do, honest! But, my picture is not of one of my blooming plants. Mine is a picture of a tree. Yup, just a tree. See, I told you I will get kicked out. LOL

We are camping right now and I decided today I was going to go and explore the surrounding area and look for thrift stores, flea markets, yard sale and all that good stuff. Which I found several! But, that's another post.

Any how, while I was driving, I passed this tree. The Fall colors are really starting to show beautifully here in Michigan. But, this tree just called out to me and made me pull over the truck and get out and take a picture of it. The people who live in the house by the tree probably think I am some kind of Special Undercover Agent or a house burglar casing the joint. No, I just liked the tree.

I love how the vibrant red and oranges are only on that one side and a little at the top. It is so pretty seeing the tree slowly transform from one season to the next. To me, it actually looks like it is "blooming". So, here is the pretty tree that I had to share today.
(Remember, you can click on the pic to see it better.)

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  1. Just now starting to see some leaves turn a light green here....that is the sign that things are beginning. Had lots of rain this yr. so we are hoping for a beautiful fall here in the south. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday, Diann! I love this time of year. The temperature is not too hot or too cold. The colors of the leaves changing color are so beautiful. Whenever I gaze upon a hillside in the autumn, I am reminded of a multi-colored quilt. We're seeing leaves turning color here in Northwestern PA about the same as what you are seeing in Michigan.

  3. No way you will get kicked out for showing such a beautiful tree.

  4. That is a beatiful tree! I love the fall colors appearing.

  5. You don't have to actually 'bloom' on Bloomin' Tuesday. This tree is crazy!!! How cool:)

  6. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I love the tree picture and totally understand why you had to stop and take it. Gorgeous color! We don't have 'rules' so you don't have to worry about us kicking you out. lol!


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