Bad Truck, Good Truck, Messy Truck, Clean Truck

Since April, we have spent about 50% of our days at home and the other 50% traveling, camping, road trips, day trips and other adventures. Let me tell you, when you live half of the time in your truck, it looks like you live half of the time in your truck!

Okay so, here are some embarrassing real life looks into our truck, or better known as the "Before" pictures.

Road Atlas.....well, ya gotta have that handy!
Extra Diapers....ummm, definitely!
Bathing suits and beach towels.....hello, you never know when you might stop at a lake!
Water bottles and diet Pepsi cans.........well, we do get thirsty!
And of course the various old french fries, animal crackers and cheerios can be found hidden under all that!
And what is stuffed in the pocket behind the seats where the atlas should go? Oh, that would be my folders of coupons. I never leave home without them!
Okay, that was the passenger side in the back.

Let's see...on the the driver side.....

Oh, a bag of clearance toys that I need to put away in my Christmas bins.
A have to have a book or five where ever you go!
A Traveling Coffee Mug.....please, you have no idea what kind of beast I am without my morning coffee! And NOBODY likes to travel with me in the morning if I am not loaded up for bear with coffee!
A bag of Misc. car related items.....I don't know
Another Beach towel.......there are more than one of us after all!
I think I spot a smashed box of crayons.......Hey, anything to keep the High Pitched Whining to a minimum!

The last straw? The big reason that motivated me to clean it out? Have you ever seen how much fun a 21 month old can have when she discovers the cool folders with tiny bits of paper in them? That's right, the princess discovered that couponing can be fun! I didn't even think she could reach them. But, I guess she can!

I really should have known something was up! I mean, seriously Diann, a toddler is sitting quietly singing happy little tunes after being belted into a car seat for 2 hours? Troy and I were just enjoying the quietness of a car trip for a change. What were we, suddenly swept off to the Mother Ship and had our last active braincell sucked out of us at some point during our trip? By now, you would have thought we knew that happy quiet singing by a toddler = CHAOS!!

So, that is why we now have a truck that looks like this.....

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  1. Great tackle! I would like to invite you to join me for Thrifty Thursday at my blog this week! Hope you will stop by and link up!

  2. Great job! Once in a while, I'll move my kids' car seats and vacuum under them. It's amazing the things I find there!

    My tackle this week was getting started on a quilt for a charitable cause. I'd love to have you come visit:

  3. Looks good! The car is always the last to get cleaned for me. Have a blessed Tuesday!

  4. looks like you did a great job on this tackle

  5. Love that tackle! My hubby's car needs this tackle! lol



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