3 Projects in 3 Weeks Challenge!

Barbara Jean over at Treasures From The Heart is hosting a "Get 3 projects done in 3 weeks" challenge! It can be any type of project you want. Mine are going to be a lot of my Autumn decorating because that's a project in and of itself!

So, join in the fun and head over to Barbara Jean's blog and also head over to The Gypsy's Corner where Tam and Barbara Jean are co-hosting this event.

And don't forget to post your "3 or more Tuesday". Today my 3 are the candle pedestals I am using on my shelf. I got them at the Dollar store and they work great in a fall-scape. When my husband first saw them without seeing everything put together he said they were too ugly to work. Fooled him! He was shocked at how well they went with everything. LOL

My first project completed was my living room shelf and getting my wreath up. I posted lots of pictures (I couldn't even wait until Tuesday to post about getting started in Autumn decorating! LOL) HERE.

WEEK 1 CHALLENGE PROJECT - Autumn Wreath & Living room shelf - DONE!

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  1. way to go. I guess I should have reminded everyone that I did do a bunch of decor for the cloche party and hope that counted. I'll have to get my Boo gifts ready to get back on track for next week.

  2. I promise to document 3 Boo's for next week! If you like you can copy the idea and woohoo thru your street dingdong dash'n. ;P


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