"2nd Time Around"

When I came across this linkup, "2nd Time Around" at A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words it just screamed "Yay! Others who take great pleasure in finding 2nd hand treasures!"

Diane is the hostess of 2nd Time Around linkup every Tuesday. It is so much fun to read everyone's weekly finds! I couldn't wait to share!

Last Friday, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom and I (and Little princess) had a fun girl's day out shopping. The first stop we made was at the Salvation Army. I had 8 boxes to drop off. And of course, now that the bed of the truck was empty, I needed to head inside to load 'er back up! LOL Okay, not that bad...honest!

My main goal of shopping that day was looking for some inexpensive items to start my Fall decorating with. And what better place to start than the thrift store!

Now here is a well known fact among my friends and family, "Diann goes to the Salvation Army and ONLY buys items that are that day's special color." Yes folks, I really am THAT thrifty! LOL. I don't know if all Salvation Army stores do this but, the ones around me sticker their items in 7 different colored stickers. Each day a specific sticker color is half off. So, when I go into (and yes, I have called the stores just to ask what color sticker day it was) the store, I ONLY buy whatever is 50% off that day.

So, on to my bargains.....

Candles are always an important start in any holiday decorating. Both of these were still new in the box. Even if the box was a little mangled, the candles were fine. The little flower candles just said Fall color to me and I thought they would work into the fall decor nicely. The other package is 4 very pale peach colored tapers. When I can find new candles for less that the Dollar Store prices, I generally grab them. The set of flower candles were from Kohls with a price tag of $7.99 (never!) and I got them for $1.50. The Tapers cost me $.50 for the pack of 4.

This Maple Leaf candle definitely was a Fall most have. It is a bit dusty and It's going to take a little TLC to clean up but, I couldn't resist it. It cost me $0.50

This basket ran me $0.50 which I thought was a nice find. I really like the deep rich tone of the stain on it. Of course, a little clean up is necessary but, it will fit right into the Fall colors.

This iron Maple Leaf candle holder was a nice find. I even paid a whole $1.00 for it!

This little "Tri-dish" was just too cute to pass up. The little bowls are cabbage leaves and the center is acorns. I thought it will be a nice addition to Fall tablescapes.

This set of 4 dinner plates and 4 salad plates cost me $3.50. I was looking for some dishes that would be a nice start for a Fall tablescape. My everyday dishes are from Mexico and are all different and in bright colors so, I needed something that was subdued in earthy tones. These stoneware dishes are probably circa late 1970's -early 1980's. They are a light sand color with a thin brown edging.

So, that was my first finds for inexpensive and thrify Fall decor. I will post more treasures as find them them! :)

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