Your Emergency Fund - pt 3

Okay, so now you are saving loose change, found money and $1.00 + the odd cents of any type of check you receive. Now we are going to actively earn some money for you Emergency fund.

Don't get panic-stricken, we are talking about online survey companies that pay you to take surveys. There are a ton. Some are better than others. I have been earning a little extra here and there from doing online surveys for about 10 years now.

How it generally works is, you sign up with a company. Quite a few are now offering you the option of having your earnings deposited directly into Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, I recommend getting one. It isn't necessary but, it can speed up the time you can get to your money.

Once you have signed up, the company will start sending you emails. You may want to set up a free email account somewhere just for surveys because once you get going, you will be bombarded!

There are different type of survey companies. Generally they fall between two categories.

1.) surveys that you fill out a questionaire
2.) click throughs

The companies that offer the actual surveys to participate in earn money faster than the click throughs. However, you have to qualify for surveys. For me, I generally qualify 1 out of 5 surveys. So, this can get aggravating but, you just get used to it. Because when you do qualify, you earn points or some of them you can earn cash immediately. So, they are worth the hassle of answering a few questions to see if you qualify. Here are a few "survey" sites that I do on a regular basis that I have gotten paid from:

* Lightspeed
* Opinion Outpost
* Pinecone Research (This one also has you try out new products once and awhile).

The above are my top 3 favorites that I have made money with. There are a ton more out there and I will try to work on a list for you at a later date.

One that I didn't mention because you don't make money with it, however, you do earn points that can be redeemed for items is Zoom Panel. What is nice with this company is that they give you 5 reward points even if you don't qualify. I have turned in my points for new books and a couple of other things. I like to do this one because I enjoy getting a little surprise in the mail once and awhile for free!

Now onto the "click throughs". These are just that. You get an email and you click the ad and you get points for each one you click. These can build up fast. I do these while watching tv or doing other things online. Several of these also have ways to earn more points if you sign up for a mailing list from some company or do trial offers for different products. This earns you points faster. My personal rule of thumb is that I will sign up for mailing lists (then later unsubscribe) but, I do not buy anything whatsoever! If something wants my credit card for the free trial, I don't do it. I will do free trials elsewhere but, these sites are not where I do that.

* Hits4Pay
* SendEarnings

Like I said above, there are a lot more of these types of companies so, just look around and try some. As long as you don't enter in a credit card somewhere, you really shouldn't have a problem. The biggest hassle you will have is a ton of spam and emails. So, be prepared for that and use a special email address just for all these companies.

You aren't going to earn money fast through this type of process, but you will eventually get some money out of it. Remember, this money is earmarked for your Emergency Fund. So, make sure it goes in there as soon as you receive payment!

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