Works For Me Wednesday

I know ya'll have just been itching to find out exactly What Works For Diann this Wednesday! Am I right? Hey, this is my Little Imagination Station! I can think whatever I want to. Wow, someone is full of attitude this evening! LOL

Okay, okay, I'll end the suspense! What works for me is getting a call from one of the mystery shopping companies that I work for and having them ask me to PLEASE do this urgent restaurant secret shop tonight! And they let me know I will be compensated for such a last minute job by doubling the pay. plus it is for 2 meals.

Well, being the kind hearted person that I am, I told her, "Well, okay. I guess I can do it."

So, the nights chicken goes back in the fridge and the Hubs and I head out for a really nice meal. It is even nicer knowing A.) It's FREE and B.) I'm getting paid for it!

So, What Works For Me is working for different Mystery Shopping Companies. I can do as many jobs as I want when I want. And the little perks are great!

Not all companies are good. You have to do a lot of Trial and Error type shops in order to see what companies work best for you. There are Mystery Shop forums out there as well. And they can be good sources of information.

Another good source is to head over to Carries Blog, Money Saving Methods. She has some great information on her blog!

Both Hubby and I have been doing Mystery shops for almost 2 years now. Last year, all of our Christmas shopping was free because of the reimbursements we received while doing Mystery shops!

For more great WFMW posts, head over to We Are That Family

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