Works For Me Wednesday - Reed Diffusers

Making homemade scented reed diffusers is very simple. Making them yourself allows you to choose what scents you like, how strong you like it and what type of container you like.

What you will need:

* At least 6 bamboo reeds
* A glass jar of some sort
* Baby oil
* Scented oils

You can get the bamboo sticks at most craft stores (Like Michaels...make sure you grab a coupon!). Or you could use the cheap bags of bamboo skewers that you use for grilling. The container should be glass most other types will absorb the scent. The baby oil can be bought at the dollar store. And the scented oil can be purchased at the craft stores as well. I have seen them at dollars stores too. I have used flavoring oil for cakes or candies before. These are expensive but, I had found a bunch clearanced for .50 cents each. And you can even use some of your own perfume if you want.

The basic "recipe" is one Tablespoon of scented oil to about 3/4 cup of baby oil. Use 6 bamboo sticks. That's it. You can adjust the strength of the scents to your liking.

I am going to attempt to make some oils infused with different herbs. I had gotten a reed diffuser that was scented with sage and I really liked it. So, it's time to play around!

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