Works For Me Wednesday- Firewood

Since we are camping right now, my mind is all in the camping zone. We arrived at the campground and after setting up our trailer, the first thing we do is start scavenging for firewood. After all, it's not really camping unless you have campfires!

I don't know about other states but, here in Michigan you aren't allowed to haul your own firewood. There was/is some kind of bug issue and they don't want infected wood spreading throughout the state. So, that is kind of a pain because we have plenty of access to firewood at home and usually haul our own firewood with us when we go camping.

There are tons of places along the road that sell firewood. They sell them in little bundles which is barely enough for a campfire for one night. They run anywhere from $5.00-$8.00 a bundle. For us, that is not even an option. Even if I had the money to literally burn, I wouldn't pay that price for one campfire.

There is generally a ton of dead fall in the area of the campground so, we head out with bow saw in hand and start collecting our firewood. I grew up doing this. Part of camping was actually collecting the firewood for our campfires. When we were kids, we got assigned to gather the smaller branches for kindling. As we got older, we could help more with larger stuff.

When you are camping in state campgrounds, there is always plenty of fallen trees and branches to use. You can even ask at the check-in area where would be a good place to look for firewood and they will let you know.

If you are camping in an area that is not wooded, take a drive around the area of the campground. You will be surprised at the wood you will find. We have had campfires that we burned old broken up pallets that were found. We have stopped at local businesses if we see they have a lot of fallen trees or large branches. Most of them are very happy to see someone gather it up and haul it away.

Also, stop at a local gas station or store and ask someone there if they know of any place to gather firewood.

Even though chopped trees are not allowed to be transferred across the state, you can still gather bits and pieces of lumber or old boards that are broken and take that with you to at least start a campfire.

So, make gather campfire wood part of your camping trip. And save your money for fun things you can do or buy while vacationing.

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  1. Love the blog, Diann! I didn't realize you couldn't haul firewood. This is good info for when Jed and I finally get to do some camping around here!


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