"Winging it" Cooking

Okay, so my meal that was planned for tonight was Turkey Cutlets with Lemon Sauce. Sounds pretty good huh? That was what I thought when I wrote it in for Monday's meal. And since I did not include a recipe, I bet y'all thought I must make this fairly regularly. Nope, never made it before. No clue. So, I searched the Internet for a recipe. I found many lemon sauce recipes that sounded really good. Too bad I didn't have those ingredients.

Since none of the recipes were working for me and my pantry, I thought, "Hey! How hard can it be?" I will just Wing it. I swear that is my mantra with most of my cooking. It drives friends and family nuts because they will have something that I cooked and then ask for the recipe. I have no clue what I put in it. And don't even start on me regarding measuring! The only time I measure is when I bake. Cooking, no measuring. A "pinch, dab, smidgen, dollop, squirt, handful, what ever is left over....." those are my measurements. One Christmas I found a measuring spoon set that the measurements were "pinch, dab, dollop and something else" and I bought them for my husband as a stocking stuffer. He loves to cook too. He measures.

I believe in using up things that I have on hand. Even if they seem a bit unconventional for the recipe. One of the things I have been using a lot of lately is dry baby cereals. I have a bunch of them and they are loaded with great stuff so, why not. I use them to thicken gravies, substitute some of the flour in recipes those kinds of things.

So, here is how my "winging it" meal went.

I put together a coating for the turkey. It consisted of:

Dry rice cereal
a handful of Lays Baked Southwest chip crumblets (the last of the bag)
garlic powder
onion powder
Fresh from our garden, chopped fine, tarragon, dill and purple basil.

I dredged the turkey in an egg & milk mix and then coated with above dry ingredients. Placed them in a hot skillet with some veggie oil. Cooked both sides. About 35% of the coating ended up in the pan.

The lemon Sauce.
De-glazed turkey frying pan with some water and added the following

More chopped tarragon, dill and basil
dry baby rice cereal
1.5 squeezed lemons

I simmered the sauce. It got a little thick and too much like gravy so I thinned it out with some chicken broth.

Long grain rice went into a pot and cooked.

I chopped up some cucumbers and mixed them with a small amount of Greek dressing.

I served the turkey and rice with the sauce ladled over it. My hubby had almost 3 servings! He said he loved it! I actually liked it as well. To bad I won't ever be able to make it exactly like that again!

Reason no picture? I put a beautiful plate together and grabbed the camera to find it dead! And for crying out loud, I even cleaned a little section of the kitchen to take the picture in! Arghhhh!

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  1. Sounds great! Too bad your camera did work, it would have been fun to see a pic!

  2. Thank you for the recipe and linking to TMTT.


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