Tuesday Tip

For a fun, cheap family night, have a "Popcorn Tasting Evening". Pop up some popcorn, you can use microwave kind but it would be better with the old fashion method.

Grab some brown paper lunch bags and pour some popcorn into each and then get creative!

Some ideas for toppings:

* cinnamon and sugar
* dry ranch dressng/dip mix
* dry cheddar cheese (from a mac & cheese box)
* garlic salt (or just powdered) and italian seasoning
* toss in some mini marshmallows and melt a chocolate bar and drizzle over popcorn
* throw some raisins in and drizzle in some ice cream topping or warmed up jam.
* taco seasoning
* chili seasoning
* melted peanut butter drizzled over the top

The flavorings are endless. Just see what you have in your cabinets and get creative. Let the kids come up with some ideas. And have fun!!

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