This weeks Kroger Mega Sale Stockup Trip

So, I told you yesterday that I was loading up coupons on my Kroger Card and printing out coupons to do another trip this week at Kroger's Mega Sale. I posted all the different places I was getting these coupons and which ones I was using.

I never really expect to use EVERY one of the coupons I print or load up. I have to work within my budget when I get to the store and decide which items I want to stock up on. So, you will see from the picture below that I didn't get any of the cereal bars, yogurt, gummy treats or snack items. I may or may not use those coupons later this week.

A few things were not on the Mega Sale. But, I did buy 50 items that did count toward the sale so, I received $25.00 right off the top. The items that were not part of the sale were:

Box of Kashi cereal - FREE I received a coupon for a free box from Vocal Point. This is another product testing company that will send you a free sample (which I got of this cereal) and then send you a coupon for a free item and some more coupons for a nice discount (I got 5 coupons for $1.50 off 1 box to use at a later date when I see them go on a really good sale)

2 - 1 dozen boxes of bakery donuts. They were marked down for $1.00 each box. That is why I like to shop late, some nice markdowns! We rarely ever get donuts in this house so, this is a major treat. I will probably package them up and freeze most of them.

1 package of dinner rolls that were marked down to $1.29. Which works great because I am going to make up some turkey salad and use them for little sandwiches tomorrow.

I am now officially fully stocked up on boxed cereal. Woohoo. I even bought a couple of treat type cereal (in other words, sweeten). And I have a nice stock of brownie mixes. Those get used pretty quickly when we need to take something to a church function, family get together or a surprise for a friend etc.

All the refridgerator Pillsbury rolled items will keep for quite awhile in the fridge. You can't really get away with freezing them, they will "pop" open and if you take them out and re-wrap them, they just don't taste as good.

So, here is a picture of tonight's haul from Kroger:

This is what I got:

12 - Boxs of cereal
8 - boxes of Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes
3 - bags of Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
9 - Hamburger Helpers
2 - Betty Crocker Delights
2 - Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
8 - Pillsbury Crescent rolls
4 - Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
5 - Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls
2 - dozen boxes of Donuts
1 - Package of dinner rolls

My total before sales and coupons was = $131.43

After sales and coupons, my out of pocket was = $38.97

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