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Over at I Refuse To Recede, Troy has written this week's "Herb of the week" post which is all about Stevia.

We have very little information regarding this new herb. However, when we started seeing new sugar-free sweeteners coming out on the market and even got some samples for free, we noticed they were being made with Stevia. We had never heard of this plant until then. So, we started looking into Stevia.

First off, our Stevia plants are doing really good in our herb barrels. You can pluck a leaf off and chew it and get the sweetness right away. The only things that we have tried so far with Stevia is using it to sweeten hot and cold tea. It really works great!

I have been looking around for some recipes and I am seeing more and more people using this herb. Mostly they use it dried. We are hoping to dry a decent amount to use throughout the year. I think next year, we will plant a lot more of these little natural sugar plants.

You can purchase Stevia in either liquid or powdered form. And it comes in an extract form as well. I have seen it selling as a flavored extract (ex: rootbeer, peppermint, vanilla etc.). It sweetens your drinks with just a little drop.

Want more information regarding this somewhat new to the U.S. herb? Head over to this POST!

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